6 Ways to Combat Procrastination

Editor’s Note:  This month we are pleased to publish a guest post by Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D.  Nationally recognized psychologist, Kathleen G. Nadeau, Ph.D., has many years helping children, teens and adults to learn better planning and organizational skills.   Dr. Nadeau … Read More

ADHD Online Time Management Trick

Do you find yourself distracted whenever you turn on your computer? Going online is especially distracting for everyone – not just people who have ADHD. Email, social media, online games, banking and blog feeds are all appropriate uses of online time. But they can also keep you from focusing on more difficult computer uses like researching and writing papers. Here some low-tech tips for keeping your priorities in mind and using your time wisely.

ADHD from A to Z

Over the years we’ve written a lot of great posts about ADHD. We thought you might find it helpful to get a quick index to all of the topical posts. When you scan down the list it seems like there are few topics regarding high school and college students with ADHD that we haven’t covered!