The Edge Foundation, through its cadre of specially trained Edge Coaches™, helps students realize their potential and pursue their passion. This is especially true for at-risk students who have executive-function (EF) challenges. Edge Coaching provides the tools that a young person needs to develop resilience, perseverance, and grit.

Some problems arise from normal developmental issues. For example, a young man’s brain is not fully developed until he reaches his mid-twenties. Others come from sometimes traumatic adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Still others occur from genetically transmitted Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Edge’s research-based, one-on-one coaching focuses on the non-cognitive challenges of executive functioning. These encompass the ability to plan, initiate, prioritize, stay on task, follow through and be on time. Edge has taken a tried, true and tested idea—executive coaching—to a new and heretofore unserved audience. They are students in our elementary middle and high schools.

Consistent, Weekly, One-on-One Coaching Sessions
These meetings are focused on developing the non-cognitive executive-function skills every student needs to succeed.

Training of Qualified Edge In-School Coaches
The Edge Foundation requires that its coaches undertake specific training in working with young people who have executive-function challenges. What’s more, Edge school-based coaches receive specialized coach training through Edge’s proprietary training program and curriculum.

Training for All School Academic and Support Staff
Edge provides more training—to counselors, student support staff, and teachers—in the use of coaching techniques that complement and support the coaching provided to students.

Our center of attention is students who exhibit a lack of focus in class, poor executive-function skills, disruptive classroom behavior, tardiness, absenteeism, skipping classes, behavior referrals, detention and suspension, failing classes, lagging behind in credits, and at risk of dropping out of school.

Students develop their non-cognitive executive-function skills—the ability to plan, prioritize, stay on task, follow through, and be on time.

In addition to a dramatic change in attitude and attention, students exhibit up to a 48% reduction in problem behaviors and disciplinary actions, and show academic performance as high as a 0.85 GPA increase. Importantly, students will be on track to graduate from high school prepared to succeed at higher education. In fact, schools with Edge Coaching have achieved a 95% graduation rate.

(Combined Giaudrone Middle School and Big Picture High School averages, school years 2011-2014.)

The Edge Foundation has spent the last 10 years refining its intervention model, that has been validated by a university-conducted, double-blind, randomized, clinical trial. This study conclusively demonstrated the positive results of the Edge Coaching program.

Neil Peterson
Founder, Chairman and CEO, Edge Foundation