Neil Peterson – Founder, Chairman and CEO

Neil Peterson is a social entrepreneur. He has served in a variety of leadership positions in the public, private and non-profit sectors. He was … Read More

Jan Carruthers – Executive Director

Jan Carruthers has performed a wide range of functions for Edge since 2012.  Previously, she was a Capitol Hill aide, serving as Chief of … Read More

Terry Matsumoto – CFO

Terry Matsumoto founded Matsumoto Consulting LLC in 2014 to provide financial and administrative consulting to governmental and transit agencies and the private sector that … Read More

Dr. Shema Hanebutte – Director of Partnership Development

Dr. Shema Hanebutte joins the Edge Foundation with a passion for partnerships that bring people together to create interventions that increase inclusivity and remove … Read More

Tony Armstrong

Tony Armstrong – Finance Director

Tony is first and foremost, an accountant. He has served as a Controller, CFO, Regulatory and Governmental Advocate, Sales Executive, Finance Director, University Lecturer … Read More

jami vass

Jami Vass – Chief Engagement Officer

Jami comes to The Edge Foundation with 17 years of experience in nonprofit fundraising.  She has worked for a variety of nonprofit organizations throughout … Read More

Edwin Vega

Edwin Vega – Senior Trainer

Edwin Vega, is a Lead Trainer for Edge, and a Certified Executive & Leadership Development Coach and Facilitator. As a consultant, he serves as … Read More

Denise von Pressentin – Coach Matchmaker

Denise von Pressentin has a special ability to make matches between our students and our Edge Coaches.  She has performed this role with the … Read More

Wendy Reynoso

Wendy Renoso – Consultant

With over 20 years experience in nonprofit education, Wendy Reynoso has a proven track record in management, leadership coaching, fundraising, strategic planning, and program … Read More

Craig Shurick

Craig Shurick – Advisor

Working with Educational Leaders in all markets to endorse, support, and enhance client efforts to implement the Edge Foundation’s principles and objectives. Assisting to … Read More

Page Kalkowski – Regional Manager / Edgeucator

Page Kalkowski is an evaluation and technical assistance professional, with a decade of evaluation and technical assistance experience working primarily for federally funded educational … Read More

Mike Powell

Mike Powell – Regional Manager / Edgeucator – Prince George’s County

Mike Powell is a veteran training professional. With over 15 years of training and development experience Mike has helped equip over 15,000 employees with … Read More

Judy Feinerman

Judy Feinerman – Regional Manager / Edgeucator

A Northwest native of Portland, Oregon, Judy Feinerman has a career background in both Journalism/ Advertising and Education  with a B.S. from the University … Read More

Diane Roesch

Diane Roesch – Regional Manager / Edgeucator – Western NY

Diane Roesch is a consultant and author who provides leadership development and executive coaching in the US and Canada. She specializes in the use … Read More

Natasha Warsaw – Regional Manager / Edgeucator – District of Columbia

Natasha Warsaw has broad experience as a teacher, administrator, school founder and consultant. She has served at every level in education from pre-Kindergarten through … Read More

Dominic Cipollone

Dominic Cipollone – Regional Manager / Edgeucator – CT

Dominic Cipollone, M.S., is a trained coach, an educator, and instructional leader with more than thirty years of experience in the NYC Department of … Read More

Deborah Rubin – Fidelity Manager – Southern California

Deborah has over 20 years of experience as a Coach. She serves as the CEO and President of Rubin Resources Incorporated (RRI) which offers … Read More


Brad Ward – Fidelity Manager – Riverside County / Coachella Valley, CA

Bradley K. Ward, ACC, is a coach and consultant whose 20 years in the nonprofit sector influenced his decision to become a coach. He … Read More

Nelson Garbutt

Nelson Garbutt – Fidelity Manager – Tacoma, WA

Here at Edge I am a Fidelity Manager and I have six schools that I am assigned to within Tacoma Public Schools. I help … Read More

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Becky Daniels – Fidelity Manager – Western New York

Rebecca Daniels ACG, ICF, specializes in coaching students and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Executive Function (EF) issues such as challenges with … Read More

Ben Wyeth

Ben Wyeth – Fidelity Manager – New York City

Ben Wyeth is a certified life coach with his own private practice, as well as a musician. He is passionate about helping others to … Read More

Kevin Reeves

Kevin Reeves – Fidelity Manager – Estes Park, CO

As the Los Angeles Fidelity Manager, I love my job due to a passion and desire to help students that I’ve had for the … Read More

Derreck Torres – Senior Trainer

Derreck Torres, ACC, CSS is a Lead Trainer for the Edge Foundation. He is a certified life and AD/HD coach, having received training through … Read More

Rick Ackerly

Rick Ackerly – Academic Advisor

Rick Ackerly is a nationally recognized educator and speaker with 50 years of experience working in and for schools. With a master’s in education … Read More