Neil Peterson
Founder, Chairman and CEO

Neil Peterson is a social entrepreneur. He has served in a variety of leadership positions in the public, private and non-profit sectors. He was … Read More

Terry Matsumoto

Terry Matsumoto founded Matsumoto Consulting LLC in 2014 to provide financial and administrative consulting to governmental and transit agencies and the private sector that … Read More

Jan Carruthers
Executive Director

Jan Carruthers has performed a wide range of functions for Edge since 2012.  Previously, she was a Capitol Hill aide, serving as Chief of … Read More

Denise von Pressentin
Coach Matchmaker

Denise von Pressentin has a special ability to make matches between our students and our Edge Coaches.  She has performed this role with the … Read More

Tony Armstrong

Tony Armstrong
Finance Director

Tony is first and foremost, an accountant. He has served as a Controller, CFO, Regulatory and Governmental Advocate, Sales Executive, Finance Director, University Lecturer … Read More

Shema Hanebutte, Ed.D
Director of Partnership Development

Dr. Shema Hanebutte joins the Edge Foundation with a passion for partnerships that bring people together to create interventions that increase inclusivity and remove … Read More

Edwin Vega

Edwin Vega
Senior Trainer

Edwin Vega, is a Lead Trainer for Edge, and a Certified Executive & Leadership Development Coach and Facilitator. As a consultant, he serves as … Read More

Anne Kalisek, Ed.D.

Dr. Anne Kalisek recently retired from Palm Springs Unified School District after 32 years of service.  Her positions include middle school assistant principal and … Read More

Wendy Reynoso

Wendy Renoso

With over 20 years experience in nonprofit education, Wendy Reynoso has a proven track record in management, leadership coaching, fundraising, strategic planning, and program … Read More

Craig Shurick

Craig Shurick

Working with Educational Leaders in all markets to endorse, support, and enhance client efforts to implement the Edge Foundation’s principles and objectives. Assisting to … Read More

Mike Powell

Mike Powell
Regional Manager, Prince George’s County

Mike Powell is a veteran training professional. With over 15 years of training and development experience Mike has helped equip over 15,000 employees with … Read More

Diane Roesch

Diane Roesch
Regional Manager, Western NY

Diane Roesch is a consultant and author who provides leadership development and executive coaching in the US and Canada. She specializes in the use … Read More

Natasha Warsaw
Regional Manager, District of Columbia

Natasha Warsaw has broad experience as a teacher, administrator, school founder and consultant. She has served at every level in education from pre-Kindergarten through … Read More

Dominic Cipollone

Dominic Cipollone
Regional Manager, CT

Dominic Cipollone, M.S., is a trained coach, an educator, and instructional leader with more than thirty years of experience in the NYC Department of … Read More

Mickey (Michelle) Pierce
Relationship Manager

Mickey (Michelle) Pierce was introduced to Edge coaching via a call for community volunteers in Tacoma, WA.  As a summer volunteer working with middle … Read More


Brad Ward
Fidelity Manager, Riverside County, CA

Bradley K. Ward, ACC, is a coach and consultant whose 20 years in the nonprofit sector influenced his decision to become a coach. He … Read More

Nelson Garbutt

Nelson Garbutt
Fidelity Manager, Tacoma, WA

Nelson Garbutt is an Edge Fidelity Manager and has been assigned to six schools within Tacoma Public Schools. He helps support and ensure high … Read More

Deborah Rubin
Fidelity Manager, Southern California

Deborah has over 20 years of experience as a Coach. She serves as the CEO and President of Rubin Resources Incorporated (RRI) which offers … Read More

Kevin Reeves

Kevin Reeves
Fidelity Manager & Virtual Training Ops. Mgr.

As the Los Angeles Fidelity Manager, I love my job due to a passion and desire to help students that I’ve had for the … Read More

Ben Wyeth

Ben Wyeth
Fidelity Manager, New York City

Ben Wyeth is a certified life coach with his own private practice, as well as a musician. He is passionate about helping others to … Read More

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Becky Daniels
Fidelity Manager, Western New York

Rebecca Daniels ACG, ICF, specializes in coaching students and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Executive Function (EF) issues such as challenges with … Read More

Natalie Carlson
Social Media Consultant

Natalie Carlson is a Western Washington University student pursuing an Interdisciplinary Major focusing on environmental sustainability. She is interested in creating meaningful content to … Read More

Derreck Torres
Senior Trainer

Derreck Torres, ACC, CSS is a Lead Trainer for the Edge Foundation. He is a certified life and AD/HD coach, having received training through … Read More

Rick Ackerly

Rick Ackerly
Academic Advisor

Rick Ackerly is a nationally recognized educator and speaker with 50 years of experience working in and for schools. With a master’s in education … Read More