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Executive Function is a Key Predictor of Life Success

We’re the organization with the most experience and verified success in coaching people with ADHD and other learning challenges to optimize their potential, increase self-esteem, and give them an edge in life.

Edge Coaching Programs

 We’ve proven executive function coaching can work virtually and we’ve been successfully providing that coaching online since 2005. We use remote-based coaches and trainers to conduct both virtual coaching sessions and virtual coaching trainings.

Our programs include one-on-one coaching for individuals, schools and community-based organizations. There is a coaching model that works for you.

Individual Coaching

An Edge coach specializes in helping individuals to develop and implement the executive function skills one needs to thrive in school, family life, work and friendships.

In-School Coaching

In partnership with schools around the country, Edge trains school staff to be Edge In-School Coaches. Staff are selected by school leadership to provide one-on-one, weekly coaching sessions to at-risk youth.

Community Programs

Young people who are homeless, in foster care or in juvenile justice systems face special challenges. Edge provides these youth with individual coaches to develop the skills they need to solve everyday problems.

Free Articles

Mindfulness and ADHD

Many individuals with ADHD have discovered that a regular practice of mindfulness can help them say calm and focused. In fact, it has gained in popularity and a recent survey showed that more than a third of adults with ADHD practice mindfulness regularly. Learn what it could do for you.

Finding an ADHD Friendly College

The transition from high school to college can be especially difficult for teens with ADHD and the drop out rate for these students can be very high. An important key to a successful transition is planning and preparation. This guide gives you the information you need to find an “ADHD-friendly” college.

Women and ADHD

ADHD presents differently for woman and girls than for males. This can make it more difficult for women to get treatment for the condition. This guide explains the symptoms and special challenges for women with ADHD, and the process for getting diagnosis and treatment.

ADHD Parent Care Package

It’s not easy being the parent of a child who has ADHD. Helping your child learn to manage his own ADHD symptoms is a lifelong journey.  An ADHD Parent Care Package explains how coaching works and provides tools to address common issues faced by parents of ADHD teens.

ADHD and College Success

College is a critical time for students with ADHD. Simply striving to be organized and motivated isn’t the solution to college success. Finding new strategies that work with ADHD strengths is the key. ADHD and College Success includes tips and strategies you can start using today!

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