Coaching for an Edge

What we do

  • We focus on students who–although bright and capable–are at risk because of Executive Functioning challenges like ADHD.
  • We match individuals with one-on-one Edge Coaches, like the ones CEOs use.

How we do it

  • Our In-School Coaching Program provides and trains Edge Coaches to work on-site in your middle or high school to support students who need help in planning, prioritizing, following through, staying focused, being on time — students who are often frustrated, disruptive, underachieving, failing, suspended, or at risk of dropping out.
  • Our Independent Coaching Program provides Edge Coaches via Skype or phonefor phone for students and other individuals no matter which school you are in or where you are located.

Find out more

We hope you will spend some time getting to know us. Here are a few places to start: