Individual Coaching

Executive Function Coaching for Individuals

An Edge Coach specializes in helping individuals develop and implement the executive function skills to succeed in school, home, work and friendships.

How Does Edge Coaching Work?

How Edge Coaching Works

The Edge Coach works as a partner with people to develop a plan to achieve goals they have identified. The coaching relationship empowers them by providing structure, support, and accountability. The clients own the goals and plans because these come from them, not from the coach.

How Edge Coaching Helps

The focused and personalized one-on-one approach used in Edge Coaching helps individuals with:

  • Goal setting
  • Planning and organizing
  • Prioritizing and time management
  • Focusing and perseverance, even in the face of adversity
  • Impulse control
  • Motivation and procrastination
  • Follow-through and task completion

How Does Edge Coaching Help Me?
How Do You Match Me with a Coach?

How We Match You With a Coach

Our coach matchmaker, based on our conversations with you, identifies three coaches aligned with your preferences. You and the prospective coach talk with each other and determine whether it is a good match. There are no fees for the coach match process.

Who Are Our Edge Coaches?

Our Edge coaches are International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified and are specifically trained in working with neurodiverse individuals. In addition, they must have at least 2 years prior experience coaching and have coached at least 10 ADHD clients before coming to Edge.

Who Are Our Edge Coaches?

Who Benefits from Edge Coaching?

K-12 Level

Edge Coaching helps students learn and implement the skills needed to perform better academically and prepare for college.

College & Graduate School Students

Many students find the transition to college or graduate school difficult. Edge Coaching helps them develop and implement the skills needed to adapt and realize their full potential.

Adults In and Out of the Workplace

Edge Coaching is effective for adults entering the workplace, as well seasoned adults who may have struggled with learning and attention challenges and want to improve their effectiveness.

mother and child remote learning

Parents of Complex Kids

Raising a child with learning and attention challenges can be demanding. Edge Coaching helps parents understand the difficulties their child faces and provides help with theses issues.

How to Get an Edge Coach

Our coach selection process has been designed to make sure you are paired with a coach that you are excited about and comfortable with. Here’s how it works.


Contact Us

If you are interested in getting an Edge Coach, call Denise von Pressentin, our Individual Coaching Program Manager and Coach Matchmaker at 206.632.9497, email her at; or make an appointment with her online at


Our Coach Matchmaker Goes to Work

Denise, our coach matchmaker, talks with the Financial Guarantor and then with the prospective client. She sends her notes to coaches she thinks will be a good match for the client, based on the client’s preferences. Three coach matches are sent to the prospective client who interview each coach.  The prospective client is in the “driver seat.” They chooses the coach they like and feel comfortable with.


Select a Coach

Once the client has chosen their coach, the Financial Guarantor, and the prospective client will sign a month-to-month coaching agreement.  Weekly coaching begin after the Foundation Session with the chosen coach takes place.    The Financial Guarantor is invoiced monthly by Edge, and payments are made by credit card.

Additional Information

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