AdobeStock_97094319 v3For years CEOs have had executives coaches. At the Edge Foundation, we believe that if a coach gives CEOs their edge for success, then the same strategies should be employed to help students successfully reach their full potential too.

The Edge Foundation, through its cadre of specially trained Edge Coaches, helps students realize their potential and pursue their passion.

This is especially true for at-risk students who have executive-function (EF) challenges. Edge Coaching provides the tools that a young person needs to develop resilience, perseverance, and grit.

The video, “What an Edge Coach Does” provides an overview of Edge Individual Coaching and how Edge coaches work with clients.

Students Believe in Edge Coaching

  • –Jordan T.
    "My coach really helped me focus on what I needed to do. When I break down what I need to do each week, it makes it easier to think about each task and get it done quicker.”
  • "I will be the only person in my family on track to graduate. My siblings and parents all had trouble graduating. Coaching and the support I get from it is what gives me confidence I can make it through."
    "My coach made me ask questions and get my own answers. I loved the support and direction coaching gives me.
  • Alicia B.
    "My coach made me ask questions and get my own answers. I loved the support and direction coaching gives me."
  • “My coach helped me organize my academic schedule, gain confidence and become a better student who works harder and is more focused than before."
    Rozzland K.
  • “The coaching our son received changed his life! The coaching techniques taught him to structure his activities and get them done. He now has a successful career. We found that the coaching component was an absolutely essential element."
    Parents of a student with ADD


How Edge Coaching Works

Edge coaches work with individuals in weekly half hour coaching sessions, usually on the phone or through an online video interface. In between weekly sessions email, text and phone check-ins occur.


Edge Coaching Gets Results

Ten years of university based, randomized, double blind, control group research and pilot testing have proven that Edge Coaching works. Edge Coaching is four times (4X) more effective than any other educational intervention on the issues that these students deal with: self-regulation, perseverance, willpower and grit.

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How to Get an Edge Coach

It’s as easy as one, two, three!

Step 1 – Contact Us

To get an Edge Coach, all you do is contact us. For students under 18 years of age, parents will participate in all phases of the application process. For students 18 years and older, it is expected that the student take the initiative for selecting his or her own coach and that the parents take a supportive but secondary role.

Step 2 – Our Coach Matchmaker Goes to Work

Our coach matchmaker, based on our conversations with you and your parents, will identify which of our coaches is the best fit for you. You and the prospective coach talk with each other (if the student is under 18, both the parents and student will talk with the coach), and determine whether it is an appropriate fit.

Step 3 – Select Coach

Once you have decided on the right coach for you, the parent or the individual (if 18 years or older) and coach will sign a contract and commence coaching. Payment for services will be made directly to the Edge Foundation.

It’s that easy!


Get Started

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