Community Programs

Edge Coaching Strengthens Communities

We make our services available to all communities, including at-risk students who may be homeless, financially disadvantaged, in foster care, in the justice system, or in school. Our goal is to provide executive function success for those communities most impacted by learning challenges.

After School Coaching

Edge now partners with a number of Boys and Girls Clubs to provide one-to-one coaching to at-risk young people with executive function challenges. We train youth workers to coach students and provide continuing, year-round support. Edge is eager to provide training and support to additional after-school organizations so they can help their most at-risk participants.

Foster & Homeless Youth

Many of the young people referred for Edge Coaching by their schools are living in foster homes or in temporary housing. Depending on the school, 40% to 100% of students being coached fall into these categories. Edge can also use our extensive experience with this population to coach young people directly, whether or not they are enrolled in school.

Military Family Coaching

Children of military families face many challenges and stresses that most students do not. New schools, new bases, loss of friendships and having a parent deployed are just a few. For these youth, acquiring the executive functioning skills necessary for success in life and school is critical.

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