collage of coaching clients

“Thank you for making the Edge Coaching and Coach Matchmaking happen.  The Edge Coach was great.  It was truly a life changer.”

– Anonymous, working adult

“I have struggled with ADHD most of my life, and I didn’t even realize it until my teenage daughter was diagnosed! It had been a major frustration and detriment in my personal and professional life, but now I just needed help getting started to change.

“After finding Edge Foundation online, I was given multiple coaches to interview to find the right fit. The Coach Matchmaker, at Edge did an excellent job of matching me to just about the most perfect coach for me. My coach was very compassionate, helpful, and flexible. She was even able to relate to me on a personal level as we shared a hobby.

“Each week she thoughtfully checked in with me and really worked hard to help me find what methods were best for me to grow and get my ADHD under control. As time progressed, I became more capable of managing my time and we began to increase the time between meetings so that I could learn to ride without my training wheels.

“Through much hard work and a short six months, I finally feel ready to tackle life without letting ADHD derail me! I highly recommend Edge Foundation as a way for people to find a path to freedom from their ADHD struggle!”

– Wesley S., 38, working adult

“My coach really helped me focus on what I needed to do. When I break down what I need to do each week, it makes it easier to think about each task and get it done quicker.”

– Jordan T.

“I will be the only person in my family on track to graduate. My siblings and parents all had trouble graduating. Coaching and the support I get from it is what gives me confidence I can make it through.”

– Rachel

“My coach made me ask questions and get my own answers. I loved the support and direction coaching gives me.”

– Alicia B.

“My coach helped me organize my academic schedule, gain confidence and become a better student who works harder and is more focused.”

– Rozzland K.

“The coaching our son received changed his life! The coaching techniques taught him to structure his activities and get them done. He now has a successful career. We found that the coaching component was an absolutely essential element.”

– Parents of a student with ADD

“Our experience with Edge Coaching has been top-notch from the moment of our inquiry through the coaching process. As a parent of a teen with ADHD, we truly felt cared for.  Our son’s experience has been wonderful from the start!”

– Parent of a high school student with ADHD

“Thanks to the Edge Foundation Individual Coaching and Edge Coach Ruth, Jake is feeling much more confident about his academic progress. He independently got his application for nursing school completed and turned in ahead of time! Based on last term’s strong academic performance he was accepted!”

– Janice Borsh, parent of a college student with ADHD

“After Edge coaching, our son is able to independently get up and go to his job, get to his classes, participate in a weekly study group and has started to set up an exercise schedule. He has come a long way!”

– Parent of a college student with ADHD

“Working with Edge Coach Deborah has been a wonderful experience. We quickly tested several strategies for me to remain productive through the day/week/month. I start each day knowing exactly what my focus is and have never felt as productive in my entire adult life!”

– Nick F.

“I gained numerous insights into the science and everyday practical implications of ADHD and related executive function challenges. I improved my work-life balance and made progress on my goals. Having been through Edge coaching, I’m better equipped than I have been in the past when starting a new position.”

– M. K., 63, attorney