Coach Training Overview

The Edge Foundation requires that Edge Coaches complete 80 hours of ICF-accredited coach training. In addition, all Edge Coaches must complete the JST 20-hour ICF-accredited coach training program, Coaching Neurodiverse Learners, which teaches the JST model of coaching used in the Edge Foundation Coaching Research.

A prospective coach who has not completed the 80-hour ICF accredited training plus the training for neurodiverse learners, can attend the ICF accredited coach training program of 80 hours of their choosing and then complete Coaching Neurodiverse Learners.

 If you have not completed the 80-hour ICF accredited training, an option is to complete JST’s 90-hour Empowering Students Through Coaching. This course meets the 80-hour course of life coach training and includes the 20-hour core information in Coaching Neurodiverse Learners and would qualify you to become an Associate Edge Coach.

Alternatively, you can choose to take any 80-hour or longer ICF-accredited coach training course, offered by others such as Fasttrack, CTI, iPec, Coachville, Mentor Coach, ADDCA, and then take the JST 20-hour ICF-accredited JST course, Coaching Neurodiverse Learners.

Coaching Neurodiverse Learners provides 20 hours of training: 12 hours via weekly video conference and 8 hours asynchronous learning.

Empowering Students Through Coaching provides 90-hours of virtual coach training: 80 hours via video conference, 10 hours of ICF required mentoring. This course is best suited for individuals without prior coach training and includes the core of Coaching Neurodiverse Learners and leads to an ICF ACC credential.

Each course includes:

  • Coaching skills and strategies for effective coaching of neurodiverse teens, college and grad students and adults with executive functioning issues, as well as training on how to shift coaching to meet the needs of the individual.
  • A self-study component and weekly buddy coaching practices outside of class.
  • Weekly in-class coaching practices with role playing to sharpen your skills.
  • Recordings of each lesson for your review.
  • A perpetual resource library which includes sections on neurodiversity, coaching research, social justice, coaching skills, strategies, and forms to get you started
  • Certificate of completion to submit to ICF for credentialing or credential renewal.
  • Small class sizes for optimal learning.
  • Accommodations upon request.
  • Participants in all courses are responsible for all book purchases.

Edge Coach Qualifications

All of our Edge Coaches are well-trained life coaches who receive additional specialized training in coaching young people with executive functioning challenges that can come from many causes, including ADHD or adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). We promise our clients that our coaches meet some of the most rigorous standards in the business. If they choose to work with an Edge Coach, they know they will be in good hands.

Below are the requirements to become an Edge Coach.

1) Documentation that you have completed at least one of the following training or certification options:

  • Empowering Students Through Coaching, a 90-hour course delivered by JST Coaching & Training. Note: this course includes Coaching Neurodiverse Learners and the 80-hour ICF requirement for Core Coach Training Hours.
  • ICF certification (ACC, PCC, or MCC)
  • Graduation from an ICF-accredited school with at least 80 hours of training, or completion of at least 80 hours of ICF-approved training, or received a Board Coach Credential (BCC) from the Center for Credentialing Education.

Also, coaches who have not completed Empowering Students through Coaching must provide a certificate of completion of the course Coaching Neurodiverse Learners, distance learning delivered by JST Coaching & Training.

2) In addition to your training, you must also have the following level of coaching experience:

  • Minimum of two years of experience as an active coach, and
  • Minimum of 10 active or current clients.

Note: Those who meet the life coach training requirement but who do not yet meet the experience requirements are still eligible for our Associate Edge Coach program. Please be sure to ask for details when you contact us.