For All Coaches—a new Career Mentoring Service is available.

If you are working with a client on Career Issues and you could use a little or a lot of assistance behind the scenes, Career Coach Mentoring by Wilma Fellman may be very helpful as each mentoring session is tailored just for you.

Wilma Fellman, M.Ed., LPC, License Professional Counselor, specializing in Career & Life Planning issues for the past 30+ years, in Partnership with the Edge Foundation, will provide individual hourly Career Mentoring for ADHD Coaches on all issues related to Career & Life Planning concerns such as:

  • Life Chapter Planning, or “What To Do With The Rest of My Life?” from selecting a major in post high school to “Next Chapter/Retirement Planning”
  • Resume’ construction
  • Interviewing to get the job
  • Finding the right job
  • Adjusting to a new job
  • Retaining and sustaining a job
  • Personality conflicts within a job
  • ADHD symptoms on the job
  • Using previous patterns to increase success/decrease failure
  • Work/Life Balance to avoid burnout
  • Other Career & Life Planning issues

For information, contact Denise von Pressentin at Edge Foundation, , 888.718.8886 or 206.632.9497.

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