Breaking through ADHD Procrastination

Stop reading this blog post, surfing the web or updating your status.  Get busy!

So it’s Friday and the weekend is right in front of you. Have you gotten everything you wanted to get done before the weekend begins? Or are you dreading the weekend because you have a huge pile of work with no end in sight?  Stop spending time agonizing over “why” you procrastinate, and don’t kick yourself about all the things you didn’t get done.

Instead, be like Nike, and Just Do It!

  • That’s right, stop reading this blog post and do one item on your to do list instead.
  • Identify 3 things you must get done before the end of the day and do them. Now.
  • Alternate between hard and easy tasks. Just don’t spend more time on the fun things than you do on the hard ones.
  • Don’t think about it anymore.  The time for action is now!
  • Do something boring before you reward yourself with something fun. Anticipating makes the project get done more quickly.
  • Did we mention, do something right now.

Do you so chronically procrastinate that you ‘to do’ list looks like something out of a strange episode of Hoarders? If so you might want to talk to a coach.  An ADHD coach can help you find the right strategy that works with your particular temperament and situation.  We can tell you all the things you could do to break through the procrastination blues, but when you work with a coach you’ll get the added accountability of knowing you are going to have to tell that person whether any of these strategies actually worked.

Before you add “get a coach” to your ‘to do’ list, STOP right now. Pick up your phone and call 1-888-718-8886.  Find out how a coach can help you stop procrastinating and start accomplishing!

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