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Edge coaching works across the spectrum. At one end, we have the student who has been labeled as “unreachable.” At the other, it works with those labeled as “gifted.” For those in the middle, it can work to discover and unlock their full potential.


What is Edge In-School Coaching?

The Edge Foundation, through its cadre of specially trained Edge Coaches, helps students realize their potential and pursue their passion.

This is especially true for at-risk students who have executive-function (EF) challenges. Edge Coaching provides the tools that a young person needs to develop resilience, perseverance, and grit.

The video, “About the Edge Foundation,” provides an overview of Edge In-School Coaching and a middle school case study.


Why Edge Coaching is So Successful

  • One on one approach
  • —20-30 minutes each week with each student
  • —Student-directed
  • Utilizes our non directive questioning technique
  • Focuses on empowering the student
  • Trains students in executive functioning skills such as planning, prioritizing, staying on task, time management and impulse control—
  • Provides the tools necessary for resilience, perseverance and grit


How It Works in Each School

  • Train staff to be Edge Coaches (initial, ongoing)
  • Provide fidelity management and quality control
  • Evaluate student data
  • Provide professional development training for all staff
  • identify students to receive Edge Coaching
  • Identify teachers and staff to be trained as coaches
  • Allocate staff time for coaching
  • Provide student data


Students, Teacher & Administrators Believe in Edge Coaching

  • Jeff Petty, Principal, Big Picture High School
    “…a natural fit with our work to help students take ownership of their learning and progress toward their academic goals.”
  • Blessing, student, Giaudrone Middle School
    “The Edge Program understands how students like me think. Without Edge, I would be suspended or expelled from school all the time. Edge has taught me how to behave in school so I can listen and participate in class.”
  • "We learn to listen and ask the right would benefit all teachers to deal with students. It's so simple."
    Laura Schlottman, Principal, Magnolia Science Academy, San Fernando, CA
  • “…a natural fit with our work to help students take ownership of their learning and progress toward their academic goals.”
    Jeff Petty, Principal, Big Picture High School


Edge Coaching Works

Ten years of university based, randomized, double blind, control group research and pilot testing have proven that Edge Coaching works. Edge Coaching is four times (4X) more effective than any other educational intervention on the issues that these students deal with: self-regulation, perseverance, willpower and grit. Case studies of the experiences of Giaudrone Middle School and Big Picture High School demonstrate how the Edge In-School Coaching Program is being effectively used in schools today.

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Neil Peterson
Founder, Chairman, and CEO
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