In-School Coaching

In-School Coaching Program

There aren’t enough trained coaches to make one-on-one coaching have a scalable impact. Edge Foundation created an in-school coaching model that trains teachers to become coaches. Every school can have trained coaches, who can deliver meaningful coaching to those who need it most.

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What it is

The Edge Foundation, through its cadre of specially trained Edge Coaches, helps students realize their potential and pursue their passion.

This is especially true for at-risk students who have executive-function (EF) challenges. Edge Coaching provides the tools that a young person needs to develop resilience, perseverance, and grit.

How it Helps

Students develop their non-cognitive executive-function skills—the ability to plan, prioritize, stay on task, follow through, and be on time.

In addition to a dramatic change in attitude and attention, students exhibit up to a 48% reduction in problem behaviors and disciplinary actions, and show academic performance as high as a 0.85 GPA increase. Importantly, students will be on track to graduate from high school prepared to succeed at higher education. In fact, schools with Edge Coaching have achieved a 95% graduation rate.

Who Can Benefit

Our center of attention is students who exhibit a lack of focus in class, poor executive-function skills, disruptive classroom behavior, tardiness, absenteeism, skipping classes, behavior referrals, detention and suspension, failing classes, lagging behind in credits, and at risk of dropping out of school.

How Edge Coaching Works in Schools

Our coach selection process has been designed to make sure each individual is paired with a coach that he or she is excited about and comfortable with. Here’s how it works.

Graduates from the Laurel, MS in-school coach training.


  • Train staff to be Edge Coaches either in-person or virtually
  • Provides initial training and follow-up sessions
  • Provide fidelity management and quality control
  • Evaluate student data
  • Provide professional development training for all staff


  • Identify students to receive Edge Coaching
  • Identify teachers and staff to be trained as coaches
  • Allocate staff time for coaching
  • Provide student data


  • One-on-one approach
  • 20-30 minutes each week with each student
  • Student-directed
  • Uses our non-directive questioning technique
  • Focuses on empowering the student
  • Trains students in executive functioning skills
  • Provides the tools necessary for resilience, perseverance and grit

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Additional Information

When a school’s teachers are trained as coaches, they can help ensure your student succeeds. 

For executive function deficits, coaching is proven to be an effective addition to therapy and medication interventions. Ask your child’s school if they are training their staff to be executive function coaches.

Get Started

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