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Our vision is to give  each student a coach, especially those who are at-risk of dropping out of school—specifically, non-traditional learners with Executive Functioning challenges that can come from ADHD and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)—so that they can complete their education, realize their full potential and pursue their passion.

Why We Are Here

Our mission is to ensure that each student, regardless of their economic circumstances, who wants and needs an Edge Executive Coach gets one so that they can complete their education and not drop out.

How We Got Started

In 2006, Neil Peterson decided to do something to help the millions of students struggling with learning challenges such as ADHD, dyslexia and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Having seen the benefits of personal coaching in his own life and those of his children as an effective intervention strategy and an important part of a multi-prong treatment approach, Peterson founded the Edge Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization committed to providing professional coaches for students with learning challenges to help them realize their potential and their passion, and to become tomorrow’s leaders and innovators.

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Our Board of Directors

The Edge Foundation Board of Directors is a diverse group of individuals, with successful careers in industry, education, public administration, and law.  Their deep knowledge, skills and contacts provide the foundation with an essential asset for future growth.

Meet our Board of Directors and our emeritus board members.

The People Behind Edge

The Edge Foundation has a dedicated team of specialists helping administer our In-School and Independent coaching programs, raise funds for the foundation’s mission, and provide the marketing support to spread the word about the power and effectiveness of coaching for students with learning challenges.

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Our Partners

The Edge Foundation has worked with a wide variety of organizations that have generously supported our mission and vision.

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