Career & Life Planning Services Specialty Training (CSST)

Career & Life Planning Services Specialty Training is a 6-week distance training class designed to give ADHD Coaches the competencies, tools and expertise needed to assist clients in the “career piece” of the coaching process. Participants may choose to receive either 13 CCEU’s from the International Coach Federation (ICF) or 13 CCEU’s from the Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) after completion of the training. Participants will gain specific knowledge, tools and expertise needed to work with individuals with ADHD on career issues, both initial, long-term decisions and evolving issues in mature adults.

Why does an ADHD Coach need Career & Life Planning Services Specialty Training? What are the benefits or How would a Coach benefit from the CSST?

For maximum effectiveness, coaching must be a collaborative effort that utilizes sound practices and methods, targeted at the entire person. Often in the coaching profession, we work with clients on a host of priorities, always including the multi-faced puzzle-pieces that make up our complicated species. Often too, when we reach the place along the coaching path that deals with the “Career Piece,” we are forced to stop our process, and hand the client off to a career professional to address that. What we especially find with the ADHD population is that this “handing off” process can be disruptive of the coaching relationship we have established, and can further lead to losing the client, due to loss of follow-through on their part, or lack of collaboration with the career professional. In order to be more inclusive in your services, it is now possible for you to gain the valuable tools and skills needed to be able to address the “Career Piece” within your coaching practice, and thereby retain more clients through to completion.


Credentials and CCEU Credits

Upon successful completion of the CSS Training, Edge Coaches will receive:

  • A certificate indicating that they have taken the course,
  • Ability to use the credentials “CSS” following other professional credentials to indicate they are an ADHD Coach with the competencies, tools, understanding and expertise needed to assist clients in the Career Development part of the coaching process
  • A total of 13 CCEU’s (9 in Core Competencies and 4 in Resource Development). Participants may choose to receive their CCEU’s from the International Coach Federation (ICF) or from the Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE).


How CSST Works

  • Length – Career & Life Planning Services Specialty Training is a 6-week distance training class.
  • Pre-work – Prior to the start of class, participants are required to obtain a copy of the book, Finding A Career That Works For You, by Wilma Fellman, M.Ed., LPC, Second Edition, 2006, Specialty Press, Inc. Plantation, Florida. If you choose to buy it at Amazon, Edge will appreciate you going to our website and accessing Amazon through us, as we get a small referral fee, and you will be supporting Edge at the same time.
  • E-mail lessons – At the start of each week of class, participants will receive a Lesson by Email, to be completed within the week. Participants will be given a Pre-test at the start of the lesson, as well as a Post-test at the conclusion of the week’s lesson.
  • Phone class – Participants will attend a “real-time” 2-hour phone class, during which time they will be expected to interact using the skills obtained for that week. The 2-hour phone class will be on Thursday of each week, for 6 consecutive weeks. These sessions are mandatory and will reinforce the competencies needed for course completion.
  • Supervisory session – A one-hour supervision session will be scheduled by phone, one on one, with each participant and a CSST Trainer…following the completion of the course. This opportunity should enhance the ADHD Coach’s hands-on functioning with actual clients, in the arena of Career & Life Planning Services. Further Supervision will be available if desired, at an additional cost and individually arranged.



  • Eligibility – Career & Life Planning Specialty Services Training, a groundbreaking and unique program, is available to Edge Coaches at a discounted fee of $600.00. CSST Training is open to all ADHD Coaches certified from an Accredited ADHD Coaching Institution at the regular fee of $750.00. Coaches should have a minimum of two years experience as an ADHD Coach, and a minimum of 10 clients.
  • Attendance – Participants should be aware of the specific dates of the class in which they are enrolled, in order that attendance and completion of all course requirements be feasible. Successful completion is dependent upon full participation of all assignments, testing and “real-time” class interaction.






  • Tuition for CSST is $750
  • Tuition for CSST for EDGE Coaches is $600
  • Edge Coach Installment Payment $300

Payment Options
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For more than 30 years Wilma Fellman, M.Ed. LPC, a Licensed Professional Counselor, has been a career counselor specializing in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, learning disabilities and other Executive Function challenges. She is the author of The Other Me: Poetic Thoughts on ADD for Adults, Kids and Parents, and a contributor to Understanding Women with AD/HD. The second edition of her career development book, Finding A Career That Works For You: A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing a Career, contains a special foreword by the late Richard Nelson Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute? She offers in partnership with EDGE Foundation, a course she developed in Career & Life Planning Services Specialty Training (CSST) to seasoned ADHD Coaches, enabling them to do the “career piece” with their clients.  She also now offers Mentoring to ADHD Coaches to assist them in working with their clients on career issues. 



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