Strategies for Surviving the First Year of College with ADHD

Research indicates that college students with ADHD have a greater chance of failing and having to retake classes, getting lower grade point averages, and leaving college without graduating than students without ADHD. Despite the challenges, there are strategies that can help make the transition to college from high school easier and more successful.

Video Games and ADHD – Entertaining Distraction or Potential Addiction?

While there is no evidence to support the idea that video games cause ADHD, there are concerns that extensive video game play can exacerbate the symptoms of ADHD. Once you understand the special attraction of video games for kids with ADHD, there are steps you can take to prevent this entertaining distraction from becoming a potentially harmful addiction for your child.

7 Strategies to Make Hyper-focus Work for You

VHow is it possible that someone with ADHD can focus for hours on something that’s interesting? It’s a common misconception that people with Attention Deficit have a deficit of attention. It would be more accurate to say we have trouble paying attention appropriately. Here are seven strategies to help you manage ADHD hyper-focus.