ADHD habits: good or bad?

Everyone — with or without ADHD — has both good and bad habits.  You may not have stopped to think about your habits, but Mom is right:  Good habits are important, especially if you have ADHD. Habit, noun, an acquired … Read More

What is Executive Functioning? (ADHD)

Some scientists believe that the single greatest predictor of academic success is executive function. Even more important that IQ! (2) And ADHD impacts many or all of the above executive function areas. Turns out that the way ADHD affects the executive functions of the brain can be one of the most challenging parts of living with it.

One mother’s search to discover the truth about ADHD

This week we are pleased to interview Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist, Katherine Ellison, author of Buzz: A Year of Paying Attention. Both Ellison and her son, whom she calls ”Buzz,” have been diagnosed with Attention-deficit/​Hyperactivity Disorder. After her son … Read More

An ADHD Care Package

What would you put in a care package for parents of a newly-diagnosed ADHD student? We get lots of parents visiting our site right after they have had their son or daughter diagnosed with ADHD.  Perhaps you are one of … Read More

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