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The Edge Foundation is offering FREE or sliding scale, one-to-one coaching for kids, teenagers and young adults who find themselves at home — often with challenges from remote learning and / or stresses during this unusual period. Just provide your email address below and we’ll send you information to help you get started.


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ADHD & Marijuana = High Risk for Addiction

Have you wondered if you use to much weed? Are you a stoner or a recreational user? Is it time to cut back?

Edge Foundation has created a marijuana personality quiz to get you started in thinking about your own use. It’s not a diagnostic tool; it’s intended to be fun and to make you think, maybe a little, about your own use

Untreated ADHD = Lifelong Risks

Free ADHD coaching ADHD & Obesity ADHD & Teen Driving Danger Problem gambling and ADHD Risks of untreated ADHD Research shows ADHD coaching works UC Davis Study:  Dropout risks: ADHD, conduct disorder, smoking Executive Function, ADHD and  Academic Outcomes Major … Read More

ADHD Terminology: Accommodations

Accommodations are alterations or modifications to a student’s education program in order to participate and be successful in school. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (2004) ensures that children with qualifying disabilities receive the support they need to receive … Read More

Have a safe 4th! #ADHD

Tomorrow’s the Fourth! What do you have planned? A picnic by the shore? Fireworks down by the river? A baseball game followed by apple pie? Beer pong with new friends? There are a ton of traditions surrounding the fourth that … Read More

8 ways to combat ADHD Perfectionism

Have you ever said, “I might as well not try, I won’t be able to do it right anyway?” Or how about, “my work on this project really sucks, I’ll just hide it under my bed and forget about it.” Ever obsess about a detail nobody else ever notices? Perfectionism + ADHD can equal disaster! Here are some things to keep in mind when you find yourself mired in perfectionism.

Need to know ADHD Terminology: COMORBID

Comorbid is often a term you’ll hear used in association with ADHD. The first time you hear it said about you you may feel worried. After all, the word morbid is often associated with death, right? Don’t worry! Comorbid is … Read More

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