Special Coronavirus Response

The Edge Foundation is offering FREE or sliding scale, one-to-one coaching for kids, teenagers and young adults who find themselves at home — often with challenges from remote learning and / or stresses during this unusual period. Just provide your email address below and we’ll send you information to help you get started.


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Who is likely to benefit from ADHD coaching?

At the Pacific Northwest School Project at Giaudrone Middle School in Tacoma, WA, 70 students applied for 30 coaching slots. The Shire Scholarship Program receives far more applications than there are scholarships. How do selection committees work to figure out … Read More

Mindfulness for a World with a Short Attention Span

Many people want to meditate to reduce stress and anxiety in their lives. Frequently they will say ‘I want to do a mindfulness practice. People tell me it will be good for me, but I just can’t do it. I can’t sit on that darn cushion. I can’t focus.’ We can all meditate, but most of us for not very long. A technique called NANO MINDFULNESS can help achieve the benefits of meditation without the distractions.

What is an ADHD coach?

We frequently get asked the question, “what is ADHD coaching?”  We understand it is a new concept that takes time to understand, so here’s another way to look at it.  We hope it helps. Simply put, a coach helps you … Read More

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