The Benefits of Mindfulness for ADHD Children

New research has shown that children as young as seven years old with ADHD can benefit from practicing mindfulness. This study demonstrates how mindfulness can positively impact the behavioral and emotional symptoms in these children by allowing them to notice their emotions without reacting right away and being more aware of their experience and environment.

Calming the ADHD Mind with Mindfulness Meditation

Recent research studies have begun to show the usefulness of mindfulness meditation in treating the symptoms of ADHD, especially in adults. A daily practice of mindfulness meditation can help with attention, reduce stress, improve mood and enhance aspects of executive functioning, and may contribute to better emotion regulation.

Tips for Helping Your ADHD Child Calm Down

For many children with ADHD, sitting still is a near impossible task. Their constant physical activity can be frustrating for parents and difficult for teachers when a child’s hyperactivity disrupts a class. But there are a number of simple techniques parents can use to help their ADHD child harness their energy and accomplish their goals.