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Edge ADHD coaches are trained, experienced, dedicated professionals who have a passion for helping young people with ADHD succeed. All our coaches either have ADHD themselves, or love someone who does, so they understand the challenges of ADHD (ADD) from … Read More

Dr. Patricia Quinn: Girls with ADHD Face Special Challenges

Many girls with ADHD are left undiagnosed because their symptoms look different. One big difference is that girls are less rebellious, less defiant, and generally less “difficult” than boys. Sadly, they lose out due to their good behavior. Girls with ADHD are more compliant, and are not as easy to spot. Often they are left to drift along from one school year to the next, never working up to their potential and suffering silently. In this interview, Dr. Patricia Quinn discussed the challenges faced by girls with ADHD.

Update on Girls with ADHD: An interview with Dr. Patricia Quinn

Last August, Edge interviewed Dr. Patricia Quinn regarding her work with girls and ADHD.  Dr. Quinn, an Edge Foundation board member, has published four books about the special ADHD challenges that women and girls face that are different men and … Read More

Find out your ADHD parenting style: are you a warrior, repairman or director?

Editor’s Note:  Edge Foundation’s Founding board member, Dr. Patricia Quinn, has a new book out, Ready for Take-Off. We are pleased to peek inside the book and share some of its nuggets with you. Edge: There are a lot of … Read More

13 skills every ADHD students needs to learn before leaving home

Editor’s note:  This college readiness checklist included in yesterday’s interview with Dr. Patricia Quinn deserves to be repeated and stand on it’s own. “To ensure success, students need to make sure that they have achieved independence in daily living, study and self-advocacy skills,”  … Read More