4 Best ADHD Resources Web Sites

Is there a “best” ADHD web site? We’d like to think the Edge Foundation would top your list of best ADHD resources. But just in case you are looking for information we don’t offer, we thought it might be helpful to list some of our favorite ADHD resources.

The 4 best ADHD resources

  1. CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), is a national non-profit organization working to improve the lives of affected people through education, advocacy and support. From lobbying to local support groups, CHADD is a leader in the field of ADHD.
  2. CHADD is also the sponsor of the National Resource Center on AD/HD. The center is funded by the CDC and has tons of science-based information about attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
  3. About.com has a great AD/HD column written by Keath Low. Keath posts new content each week that is full of information, support and ideas you can use. Her past columns provide an excellent on-line resource for nearly any ADHD related topic you can think of. (About.com is owned by the New York Times Company.)
  4. ADD Resources is another non-profit serving the ADHD community. It has an extensive directory of workshops, conferences, publications, and articles for parents, teachers, adults, and medical professionals. The organization supports itself through memberships. And there is a fee to access some content.

There are a ton of great ADHD sites out there.  If you had to pick just 5 ADHD resources to list, what ones would you include? Let us know what your list would include.

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19 Responses

  1. Dr. Laura Forsyth

    Two exceptional sites that I consistently use, and to which I refer students/patients are:

    (1) http://www.adultadhdbook.com Website for Dr. Ari Tuckman’s excellent book, “More Attention, Less Deficit”. Dr. Tuckman regularly drops short podcasts, summarizing key concepts from the book and expanding on many other ADHD relevant issues. The first chapter of his book is available to download, with a clear practical explanation of Executive Functioning.

    (2) http://www.totallyadd.com One of the best interactive websites for adults with ADHD, just up since 12/09. Cogent, strong science basis, and best of all, funny. Has an hour-long streaming video, “ADD and Loving It?!?”.

  2. Herve' LeBoeuf, PhD

    One of my main sources of information for coaching!


    • Peggy

      Thank you Herve and Laura for contributing your favorites.

  3. Donna Anderson

    Another one is: http://www.add.org/

  4. Nancy Lauer

    Thanks for this information. I was dialed into many of these resources already but had not heard of ADDvance or the column in ask.com.

    Another one that I like is David Rabiner’s e-newsletter from Duke University, which analyzes results of add studies, into terms that I can understand.

    • Peggy -- Edge blogger

      Thank you Nancy and Donna for adding to the list!

      Here’s some more information about Rabiner’s email newsletter (which I also subscribe to and find very good!)
      “Rabiner has created a Web site where he makes available a number of ADHD/ADD resources. Everyone is welcome to visit the site and to sign up for “Attention Research Update,” a monthly e-newsletter in which Rabiner reviews new studies on ADHD/ADD that are published in leading medical and psychology journals. The Web site: http://www.helpforadd.com.”

  5. Patricia H. (Pat) Aust

    HYPER HARRY, my novel for kids 8-12 is both funny and sad. It accurately portrays sibling and family problems caused by ADHD and provides hope that things can get better if the whole family works together.

    Sixth-grader Ted Cheltoni has had it with his little brother Harry. The kid can be fun, but mostly he’s noisy, hyper, forgetful, only finishes his work at school when he’s kept in at recess. and can’t clean up his room at home.
    Ted, his parents, and the school try to help Harry in many ways, but nothing improves the kid’s behavior or work for long. Soon, Ted’s parents are fighting so often about how to help Harry that Ted’s afraid they’ll get a divorce.
    After a school trip, Harry gets suspended from school for a week and the bus for two weeks. The next afternoon, Ted finds his little brother packing to leave home to “make things easier” on Mom and Dad.
    Ted can’t believe it. An eight-year-old kid who thinks he’s so bad he has to leave home?
    He has to help Harry, and fast.
    But how?
    HYPER HARRY is a work of fiction appropriate for kids 8-12 and reluctant readers. It also provides three pages of practical help: “10 Tips for Kids with ADHD”, “10 Tips for Parents of Kids with ADHD”, and an “Information and Support” list of helpful resources.

    The author, Patricia H. Aust, has served on the Connecticut Task Force on ADHD and as Editor of its REPORT, the Board of Directors of Learning Disabilities of CT, and has worked in public schools with many kids and teens who have ADHD.

    The book is available at the Amazon.com Kindle store for @2.99.

    • Peggy -- Edge blogger

      Thanks Patricia. What are your favorite books for the 13-18 set?

  6. Patricia H. Aust

    I like books like THE WORLD AS WE KNEW IT — a fantasy, but helpful for getting kids to put their lives in perspective. Probably very few Americans are in the position the main character’s family is–cold, starving, dying, but hanging on as best they can–and the ending’s hopeful!
    Patricia Aust/author of HYPER HARRY/available at Amazon.com/Kindle Store/Hyper Harry. $.99

  7. Dana Guisti

    I like to refer to http://www.webmd.com/add-adhd/guide/ for the medical side of ADHD, and http://www.kidpointz.com/parenting-articles for the parenting aspect of different challenges.

  8. Xam

    I’ve had great success with http://soarnc.org – I’ve sent my kids there two years in a row and they’re great people! Great summer camps and expeditions. They took the California and Wyoming courses and had a great time. They came back more confident, self-reliant and focused. I highly recommend them for any parent!

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  10. Bruce Ziebarth

    You made a great list of ADHD resources. Some additional ones that I use include What is ADHD HQ, ADHD Momma, and ADHD Blog Talk Radio. Each of these offer some great postings.

  11. ashley

    http://www.forumsforadhd.com is my favorite

  12. Angela Shed

    Information on ADHD?ADD

  13. kevin

    http://www.adhdeliminationdiet.com is a great step by step guide designed to help you identify and eliminate your child ADHD symptoms naturally.

  14. ADHD Collective

    Great list here!

    One of the best ADHD resources I’ve come across on the internet are the courses on ADHD by Dr Russell Barkley.
    You can find them here: http://www.adhdlectures.com.

    There are 20 courses (lectures), each 1 – 2 hours long, and they are a deep dive into the nature of ADHD. Seriously, I can’t believe they’re free.

    I am cofounder at ADHD Collective, and we recently created a big list of ADHD resources for college students, and we’re giving it away for free download here:

    We’ve included Dr. Barkley’s courses on the list, as well as the CHADD resources you’ve listed above!

  15. ADHD and Sleep

    The think CHADD is definitely the best one on the list. They have done so much for the ADHD cause. The others are pretty good as well.

  16. ameliawilliam

    Really appreciated! It’s a really great article and thanks for the sharing, I am facing the ADHD Issue and it’s really hard to find online doctor prescription ADHD