Tips for Organizing Your Morning When You Have ADHD

Getting started in the morning can be difficult for anyone, but it can be especially challenging if you have ADHD. This can be a stressful and chaotic time, and a bad start can make the rest of the day difficult as well. The key is to develop a routine that will organize your morning and keep it as stress-free as possible. Below are some tips that experts recommend to help you and your family get your mornings under control.

  • Make a list – Keep a checklist of things you need to do each morning. This will give you a handy reference for those essential things you need to do each morning to stay on track.
  • Build in wake-up time – Waking up is never easy, but it can be especially difficult for those with ADHD because they often have trouble sleeping. Take some of the pressure off your morning schedule by ensuring you  have plenty of time to wake (and get your kids up, too).
  • Prepare the night before – Anything you can do the night before to ease the morning rush is a good idea. This includes things like laying out the clothes you will wear, and preparing your kids lunch,
  • Avoid distractions – Don’t get bogged down in distractions like morning TV or social media. These can turn into big delays that will add pressure to your morning schedule.
  • Don’t give up on breakfast – Breakfast is an easy task to skip when you feel rushed. Be creative about getting breakfast prepared so you and your kids can start the day with a healthy and nutritious meal, and have the right level of energy to face the day.
  • Keep your kids organized – Make sure your kids have a set of morning tasks they need to complete and reward them for getting them done. This will help you stay more focused and organized.
  • Set an alarm for when you need to leave the house – This simple device will help you make sure that you  have accounted for the time it will take to get the kids to school and you  to work.
  • Keep your essentials by the front door – This can include your car keys, briefcase or purse, wallet and cell phone. This avoids the last minute searching for something when it is time to leave the house.

Here are some additional resources you can check out to help with your ADHD morning routine:

Having a morning routine to keep you organized and eliminate unnecessary stress can help the rest of the day go a lot better, for you and your family.

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