Getting organized: learning what works

Do you ever feel the urge to get organized at the end of the year? You aren’t alone. Just watch the seasonal items section of your local discount store in January where all types of containers and organizing systems will be featured.

You may have bought systems in the past, only to find they fell to the wayside. Professional Organizer, Judith Kolberg, offers an insight into why that may be the case:

Organizing, like reading, is a learned activity. Usually, we have a dominant learning style. The problem for people who are chronically disorganized is the organizing methods they are using are often not in concert with their learning style. For instance, if you’re a strong visual learner you can easily imagine the way you want a room organized in your ‘mind’s eye’, and you can mentally conjure up images of where you put things. But if you’re taking notes from a decorator, listening to verbal instruction or trying to use a filing index, those may not be your strengths.

Assess your learning style

Judith recommends checking out the learning style assessment provided by Ageless Learner.  Then when you are planning your new system, keep in mind what type of learner you are. If you are a visual person, draw a picture of what you want your room or desk to look like. Make space for visual reminders of what you need to get done. Put things in clear containers so you can see where they are.

Get support while breaking in your new system

And don’t get discouraged. An ADHD coach can help you figure out what type of organizational system will work for you. And, more importantly, help you practice using it until it’s an ingrained habit that lasts beyond the thrill of setting up a new system.

Have you ever considered your learning style’s impact on how to get organized?

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