Coaching for Life

Edge Coaching is a form of life coaching to help individuals reach their full potential. An Edge Coach specializes in helping individuals overcome learning and attention challenges that can cause problem with school, family friendships, life and work.  Our experience and research studies have shown that Edge Coaching works for students in middle school, high school, college and adults in the workplace.

The Focus of Edge Coaching

The Edge Coach works as a partner with the client to develop a plan for achieving goals they have identified. The coaching relationship empowers the client by providing structure, support, and accountability. They own the goals and plans because these come from them, not from the coach.

The focused and personalized one-on-one approach used in Edge Coaching helps develop critical executive function skills:

  • Goal setting
  • Planning and prioritizing
  • Organizing
  • Being on time
  • Focusing
  • Staying on task
  • Persistence in the face of adversity

Every person has their unique set of strengths and abilities, and the Edge Coach takes that into account when working an individual to develop these skills.

Readiness for Coaching

If you are considering coaching for yourself or someone you know, it is important to understand that it requires a commitment to fully participate in the process to achieve the benefits. The Edge Foundation has developed a short assessment that can help an individual determine whether he or she is ready for coaching.

Edge Coaching can be used in conjunction with other therapies, and most importantly, the benefits can last a lifetime.

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