Dr. Patricia Quinn: Girls with ADHD Face Special Challenges

Many girls with ADHD are left undiagnosed because their symptoms look different. One big difference is that girls are less rebellious, less defiant, and generally less “difficult” than boys. Sadly, they lose out due to their good behavior. Girls with ADHD are more compliant, and are not as easy to spot. Often they are left to drift along from one school year to the next, never working up to their potential and suffering silently. In this interview, Dr. Patricia Quinn discussed the challenges faced by girls with ADHD.

What are the best ADHD self help books?

Have you read a number of books about ADHD and they didn’t work? Did you know there are over 6,000 ADHD books on Amazon.com; which one should you read first? Don’t you wish someone would tell you the top three books you should read when you are diagnosed with ADHD?

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