An ADHD Care Package

What would you put in a care package for parents of a newly-diagnosed ADHD student? We get lots of parents visiting our site right after they have had their son or daughter … Read More

7 Facts about ADHD (plus 1)

What can you do to “celebrate” ADHD Awareness month?  Why help spread the truth about ADHD, of course! This October, ADHD advocates and supportive organizations around the country are joining together to … Read More

ADHD Scholarship Announcement 05.24.11

Unique Scholarship for Students with ADHD Offered by Edge Foundation in Partnership with Shire Award Includes a Year of Coaching to Ease the Transition from High School to Higher Education Seattle, WA, … Read More

Shire and Edge team up for 2012/2013

Expanded College Scholarship Program for Students with ADHD Shire Expands Scholarship Program for Individuals with ADHD:  The second year of the Shire ADHD Scholarship Program will award 50 scholarships to individuals with … Read More

Edge Announces Study Results 11.12.10

New Study Reveals that Coaching Helps College Students with ADHD Improve Ability to Learn, Succeed in College Report Results Unveiled in Atlanta SEATTLE—The results of a new study being released this week … Read More

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