Tips for Conquering Clutter When You Have ADHD

Keeping your living space clutter-free can be a big issue if you have ADHD.  It’s easy to become so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to begin to de-clutter. Here are some simple tips that you can use to de-clutter your living space and keep it organized so your environment won’t stress you out.

These suggestions come from Gretchen Rubin:

  1. Don’t buy things on impulse, and try never to buy “souvenirs” that you don’t need and aren’t going to use. Also, don’t accept items that someone gives you for free unless you absolutely want them.
  2. Strive to keep surfaces bare. Put away kitchen appliances you don’t use every day; don’t cram stuff onto every ledge.
  3. Don’t let newspapers and magazines pile up. Put them in the recycle as soon as possible.
  4. Identify a particular place for everything. This will allow you to find what you need easily and avoid having important papers such as bills scattered around everywhere.
  5. Deal with the piles that accumulate in the hallway, in corners, on bedside tables, on the dining room table. Seeing them there will more likely propel you to do something about them.
  6. Remember that storing a thing means you don’t need to use it. Before you squirrel something away, ask yourself, “Do I really need to keep this? If you have things that you’re reluctant to throw away because you’re not sure what they are, put them all in one box. You’ll never use the stuff, but you’ll know it’s there. It’s a good idea to put a date on the box, and if you haven’t opened it in a year, throw it away.
  7. Hang up your coat and other clothes, and have plenty of hangers in every closet.
  8. Make your bed every morning.
  9. Set aside a place or box where you put things to give away. Once you realize you want to get rid of something, that’s where it should go.
  10. When you undertake a major de-cluttering effort, take it one room at a time. That way it won’t seem so overwhelming. And don’t be afraid to ask a friend or family member for help.

The key to any de-clutter plan is to get started. Take it in small increments and turn your de-cluttering strategies into habits that become second nature.

How to Tackle the Clutter

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