The ADHD Superwoman

Editor’s note:  This month our guest blogger, Kelsey Peterson, started out writing a column about procrastination, but ended with a column about being superwoman.  Our guess is that the two things are connected.  Do you find yourself procrastinating when you are really overwhelmed with too much to do?  Here’s one approach that may help you get on top of your responsibilities without curbing your enthusiasm.

The quick read:

If you are feeling like you have too much on your plate but you don’t want to let anything go try:

  • Talking to your coach
  • Breaking down your goals into manageable check points
  • Reminding yourself why you love what you do

I want to do everything!

I want to be the best at my job, the best friend to everyone I know, the best girlfriend, never miss a party, never forget to respond to an email or send a thank you card. I take on new projects without hesitation.  I RSVP to dinners and events without a moment’s thought.

But lately, I have been exhausted trying to keep up with myself. Last week I hit a wall.  I was feeling totally overwhelmed trying to balance work, exercise, creative projects, and my social life. It seemed I was getting nowhere but stressed!

I contacted my coach for an urgent session to discuss how to help me accomplish all my goals and not feel depleted and overwhelmed. She immediately responded with her availability and asked me to describe what I was struggling with.

I told her that my workload was full and I had just agreed, happily, to design wedding invitations for a friend.  I wasn’t getting to the gym because I was so tired and pressed for time. I was however, attending most of my social obligations and doing great at work. The issue I wanted my coach’s help with was balancing so that I was doing great at everything.

How my ADHD coach helped

My coach asked me to break down each of the areas that I was concerned about. We talked about each separately and set deadlines and progress points for each. I automatically felt relieved and more calm. Having progress points on my calendar and designated times to work on certain tasks really helps me feel in control.

She reminded me how much I like to exercise and how it increases my energy levels and productiveness. So even though I feel tired in the morning, I know that if I go to the gym I won’t feel sluggish or tired the rest of the day.

The last thing my coach asked me about was the realistic nature of all the things on my plate. Was I taking on too much? Can I be superwoman? My answer is yes! I want to be superwoman, but I need to be superwoman in moderation.

I decided to start building in time for myself in my calendar. I am happy to say that I now have every Monday to myself to do catch up on emails, laundry, whatever I want. I also decided to take Wednesday and Saturday mornings to work on special projects. I want to be superwoman, but I am pretty sure superwoman took some days off too!

You can find other tips and ideas about how to be successful in college with ADHD with our Free Guide:  College Success and ADHD.

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