Making any New “School-Year’s” Resolutions?

In the next few days just about everyone will be back in school. Another new school year is underway, and just like January is a time for New Year’s resolutions, lots of students start the new school year with aspirations of it being their best year ever.

Have you promised yourself that this year it will be different?  This year…

  • I’ll study every night
  • I will do all my homework on time
  • I will get serious about my classwork
  • I won’t skip class
  • I’ll exercise and eat right
  • I’ll  go to bed on time the night before tests

If you find yourself making New School Year’s Resolutions, you may need some extra help to get them accomplished when you have ADHD.  For example, do you struggle with…

  • Procrastination
  • Getting organized
  • Feeling overwhelmed or
  • Finishing things you’ve started?

An ADHD coach can help you overcome the struggles of ADHD and keep on track with your goals.

We’d like to give you our FREE white paper, ADHD and College Success: Everything you need to know about ADHD, college, and living your dreams!, that can show you how a coach can help you get your edge for success.   It’s filled with practical solutions and proven tools you can start using today.  Highlights include…

  • Using creative ways, like music, to keep yourself on schedule
  • Working with your urge to procrastinate, not against it
  • How to study smarter, not harder
  • 4 student qualities for success
  • And many more easy to try ideas!

If you have ADHD and are headed off to college, or are a college-bound high school senior (or know someone who is), you need to download this white paper. It’s free.  You won’t have to talk to anyone to get it.  And you’ll be under no obligation to buy anything or sign up for a coach.

We bet you’ll find at least one thing you can do in there that you can start using today to get your edge on ADHD.  What are you waiting for?

Yes, take me to the College White Paper download page. I want to keep my School Year’s Resolutions!

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