ADHD students need to take their sleep seriously

Last year we wrote about the importance of healthy sleep habits and ADHD. A few facts worth repeating:

When you consider that people with ADHD have much higher levels of depression than the general population , and shorting yourself on sleep increases depression, it seems like a no-brainer to practice healthy sleep habits. If going to bed on time every night can help reduce depression, why are you still pulling all nighters?
So while you are busy sticking to all of your New Year’s resolutions, why not add one that can boost the likelihood you’ll be able to keep them? Go to bed on time every night! And don’t forget to turn off your computer and phone so you won’t be tempted to text or surf at night. One quick text or tweet can easily turn into a late night.
If you are having trouble sticking to a regular bedtime, even when you intend to go to bed on time, a talking to an ADHD coach can help you reduce the distractions, obstacles and last minute fire drills that rob you of life-giving sleep.

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