Jerome Wyatt
Regional Director, Mississippi

Jerome Wyatt is a dedicated and accomplished community leader with extensive experience in mobilizing resources, leading teams, and managing large-scale projects. His career highlights include securing substantial government funding, notably a $700,000 grant for Headstart, which he managed across a 13-county area with a $6 million budget. He has a proven track record of motivating and guiding community members and facility owners to meet stringent regulatory standards, thereby enhancing the quality and compliance of local services. His leadership has also facilitated the creation of nonprofit organizations and resource centers that address various community needs.

Wyatt’s specific achievements underscore his commitment to community development and advocacy. He has played pivotal roles in significant events, such as coordinating national tours for prominent figures like Jesse Jackson and Andrew Young, and organizing motivational speaking tours to prevent school dropouts. His involvement in state-level committees and advocacy groups, including the Governor’s Indigent Health Care Committee and the State Job Training Partnership Act projects, highlights his influence in shaping policy and training programs. Furthermore, his work with the USM School of Social Work demonstrates his dedication to addressing social issues and fostering educational initiatives.

In his professional career, Wyatt has held various leadership positions, including Team Coordinator at Delco Remey and District 5 Supervisor for the Jones County Board of Supervisors. His educational background in Technical Aeronautics from Tennessee State University, coupled with numerous awards and honors, reflects his diverse expertise and leadership capabilities. His community involvement is extensive, serving in numerous organizations and clubs, and holding key positions such as President of the Jones County Board of Supervisors and past President of the NAACP. Jerome Wyatt’s personal commitment to his community is further evident through his active participation in church and family life, making him a respected and influential figure in his community.