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Free Mindfulness and ADHD Guide


Want to Reduce the Stress That Can Come With ADHD?

Our FREE Guide, Mindfulness and ADHD
Helps You Develop a Daily Practice of Mindfulness That Can Significantly Improve Your Quality of Life

Many individuals with ADHD have discovered that a regular practice of mindfulness can help. In fact, it has gained in popularity and a recent survey showed that more than a third of adults with ADHD practice mindfulness regularly. Learn what it could do for you.


Is this you?

  • Feel stressed out a good deal of the time.
  • Seem to overreact in many situations..
  • Experience anxiety and depression.
  • Highly self-critical.
  • Have trouble staying focused on what is happening in the moment.

If so, the Mindfulness and ADHD guide can help.

  • Lower stress
  • Improve your self-awareness
  • Stay focused and calm
  • Have more self-acceptance and self-compassion

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Want to Enhance Your Mindfulness Practice?

A mindfulness practice can can help bring calm and clarity to your daily life. Working with an Edge Coach can help you take that to the next level and develop the skills they need to be successful. The Edge Foundation matches you with a compatible, certified ADHD coach who is specially trained to work with you on the executive function skills that can help you reach your full potential.

Call 206-632-9497 or toll free 1-888-718-8886 to arrange for your FREE, no obligation Edge Coaching Consultation.

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