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Free Finding an ADHD Friendly College Guide


Worried Your ADHD Teen Won’t Be Able to Handle the Transition to College?

Our FREE Guide, Finding an ADHD Friendly College
Provides the Information You Need to Help Them Select a College Where They Can Thrive

ADHD can make the transition to college from high school difficult.
An important key to success is finding a college that is the right fit for your ADHD teen – academics, environment, services and support.

Students with ADHD are more likely to have lower GPAs and wind up on academic probation than their non-ADHD peers. In fact, the graduation rate for these students is estimated to be 5% versus 41% for the general college population. Finding an ADHD Friendly College includes the information you need to ensure your teen has the best opportunity for success in college.

Does this sound like your teen?

  • Completes assignments but forgets to hand them in.
  • Has trouble staying focused on the things I know I “should” be doing.
  • Gets easily bored by classwork.
  • Procrastinate, but I keep finding myself doing it at the last minute, again.
  • Has trouble getting anything finished.
  • I know I’ll feel better when I go to bed on time, but I just can’t sleep until I’m totally 
  • Has trouble being on time and managing to a schedule.
  • Is socially awkward.

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Help Them Get Through That Difficult First Year of College!

The Finding an ADHD Friendly College guide helps you:

  • Understand the challenges faced by ADHD teens in the transition to college
  • Work with your ADHD teen to plan and prepare for the transition to college
  • Learn what makes a college ADHD friendly and the right questions to ask during your evaluation
  • Consider a gap year alternative if your teen is not ready to make the transition to college

And much more!

Want More Help For Your Tenn with the Transition to College?

In addition to finding a college that is a good match for your ADHD teen, working with an Edge Coach is the fastest way for them to get the study skills they need to be successful. The Edge Foundation matches your teen with a compatible, certified ADHD coach who is specially trained to work with them to develop the skills that will help them reach their full potential.

An Edge Coach can make the difference between success and failure in college. And the skills they learn can serve them for a lifetime. So why wait?

Call 206-632-9497 or toll free 1-888-718-8886 to arrange for your FREE, no obligation Edge Coaching Consultation.

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