The Wonderfulness of ADHD

In case you haven’t heard, Edge Foundation has a new Executive Director, Robert Tudisco.  Robert is a special education attorney, writer, adult diagnosed with ADHD, and a long-time advocate on behalf of people with ADHD.

If you’re in the San Francisco area and would like to meet Robert in person, be sure to check out EdRev 2010 on Saturday April 17, 2010. Ed Rev is an all-inclusive day of inspiration and resources drawing nearly 2,500 students with learning difficulties, and their parents and educators. Robert will be speaking about how coaching can help transitional students who have ADHD overcome the challenges they face. Event information can be found on Facebook or sign up at, visit the Parent’s Education Network.

Robert had his poem about living with ADHD recently featured at  The poem clearly struck an important chord with many families and students living with ADHD.  We are pleased to share a copy with you and look forward to hearing your comments.

The Wonderfulness of Me, by Robert Tudisco

If you took all of the things that were special about me,
you could put them all together and call it AD/HD.
No better, no worse, just different that’s me,
I’m really not crazy, please try and see.
Like a talented wizard in a world full of “Muggles”,
its no wonder all you see is frustration and struggles.
As I daydream and drift, you think no one’s there,
but nothing could be further from the truth, believe me, I swear.
I see your impatience as my mind starts to wander
But, you don’t know the depth of the thoughts that I ponder.
For creative thinkers, get lost in deep thought,
which leads to the illusion that they cannot be taught.
I know trying to reach me can give you the blues,
but I wish for just once, you could walk in my shoes.
To see things through my eyes, you would be amazed,
at the speed and sheer volume my thoughts seem to blaze.
I’m not lazy or stupid, if only you knew,
how truly difficult it is to limit myself and think like you do.
But, I can see things that you’ll never see,
its like second nature, because I am me.
With lightning fast reflexes, I can switch gears,
to be firm and inflexible is the worst of my fears.
I’m calm in a crisis and know just what to do,
For I’m in great company, Mozart , Edison and Churchill to name just a few.
So show me some patience, as I’m patient with you.
Just a little tolerance, it’s long overdue.
Please try and understand me, along with my AD/HD,
It’s a very big part of the wonderfulness of me.

Talk back: We’d love to hear about the wonderfulness of you in the comments!

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4 Responses

  1. Mary-Beth Netzer

    This beautifully written poem brought tears to my eyes, to say the least. Most of the time I feel I have a lot of patience with my son, but there is always the reminder, usually his sweet face, that tells me he can’t help it most of the time and I need to be just a little bit more patient. If there is anything I have learned about people and children with AD/HD it is that they are truly unique, empathetic, incredibly deep-feeling and amazing people. And those are the kind of people I want to surround myself with more and more as this world gets crazier and crazier.

    • Peggy -- Edge Foundation blogger

      We’re glad to hear the poem struck a chord with you. Here at Edge we strive to bring you positive stories about living successfully with ADHD. For more inspiration you may want to read some of these ADHD success posts.

  2. TinaBee

    GAG! This exercise in clueless vanity is embarrassing to people with ADHD! This guy thinks because he has ADHD he’s just like Edison and Mozart? Give me a freakin’ break! We don’t know the depth of the thoughts he ponders? If this poem is any clue, that’s a GOOD thing.

    • Peggy -- Edge blogger

      We are glad you stopped by to our blog and hope you found material that was useful to you. This poem has been an inspiration to many people living with ADHD who feel demoralized because of how difficult it is to live with the condition. Sorry it didn’t speak to you. But hey, the point of art is to evoke a reaction. Thanks for sharing yours. 🙂