Edge Foundation welcomes new board members

Edge would like to welcome 5 new board members:  Dick Riordan, Dr. Barry Alberstein, Bill Grinstein, Robert M. Tudisco, and Greg Farrell.  Each of these men brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our board and we are excited to have them on board.

Our new board members’ experience includes national leadership in CHADD, exemplary commitment to excellence in education – especially for children with learning differences, legal advocacy for people with ADHD, clinical practice in psychology, and savvy business knowhow that will be instructive to Edge as we grow our organization.  Just from that quick description you know that Edge will be getting tons of good advice, direction and support from these committed individuals.

You can find out more information about each of them on Inside Edge Board of Directors page And while you are there, you can also check out our coaching instructors,  ( Jodi Sleeper-Triplet, Loretta Spindel and Russell Clover) and our staff (Neil Peterson, Sarah Wright and Denise von Pressetin).

Edge Foundation has tremendous human capital at hand.  We know these newest team members will be instrumental in bringing our vision, ADHD coaching for all students who need it, to life.

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