New ADHD College Survival Guide

College is a critical time for students with ADHD. Finding new strategies that work with ADHD is the key to success. We are pleased to announce that a new resource for college students is now available, free of charge! ADHD and College Success is an invaluable resource, jam-packed with ideas, tips, and encouragement to help college students with ADHD succeed.

Included in the guide are 60 practical solutions for typical ADHD challenges. Highlights include:

  • Using creative ways, like music, to keep yourself on schedule
  • Working with your urge to procrastinate, not against it
  • How to study smarter, not harder
  • How to use fidgeting to stay focused
  • 4 student qualities for success

Everything you need to know about ADHD, college, and living your dreams. Download your FREE copy usingthis link today!

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3 Responses

  1. linda

    Thanks. I would like to share this with my daughter so she can get through the semester. This summer we will be on the road to getting her the right mix of meds and possibly coaching for the fall. Thank you!

  2. Johane Mattson

    Could not load up the New Adhd College survival guide from the page link, it says error
    thank you

    • Tom Masters

      Hi Johane –
      The problem has been resolved. Please try again.
      – Tom