Teens + ADHD + Driving = Danger

Minimize distracts to be safe driverIf you have ADHD, read this CNN article about the increased risks of driving with ADHD:

Teen Drivers with ADD a Problem on the Road .

 Take these three steps to make you a safer driver:

  1. Turn OFF your cell phone.  If it’s off you won’t be tempted to answer it or text while at a light.
  2. Drive alone.  Your friends are fun, but they are distracting.
  3. Don’t play with the music.  Turn on your station before you turn on the car.  Fidling with radio and climate controls takes your focus away from the road.

What do you do to keep your focus while on the road?  Leave a comment and enter to win our September ADHD Awareness Contest.

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7 Responses

  1. Brian Totten

    I listen to book on tape or Gospel Music. I load the CD Player before pulling off. It gets me where I need to be, while concentrating on the traffic around me. Keeping the big picture.(rearview mirror, side mirrors, and following distance.

  2. Phudson

    I agree with the above concerns regarding distractions that you need to avoid while driving if you have ADHD. On a positive note, because a person with ADHD is receiving multiple sensory inputs simultaneously without a filter, they might be the driver who is quicker to react to someone running a red light or the animal or small child crossing the road because they notice it milliseconds before the more focused driver.

  3. caitlyn

    i read a book or just think of getting to my destination safely.

  4. Peggy Dolane

    Here’s a link to an interesting study of Teen Drivers and ADHD that the University of Buffalo is conducting right now: http://www.buffalo.edu/news/9819

  5. […] have you done to keep your ADHD teen driver safe?  Here are a few ideas for your teen driver to consider.  Please leave us a comment and share what’s worked for you. var addthis_pub = ”; var […]

  6. Devin

    hi i have Adhd.. can i please drivee now!!!?!?!?!?!
    hahahaha me crazyy!

    • Peggy -- Edge Foundation blogger

      Thanks for stopping by and reading the Edge blog. Lots of young people with ADHD are worried about driving, but that doesn’t mean you are crazy. We recommend that you use extra precautions like turning off your phone before turning on the car, driving alone and taking a driver’s education course before you get your learner’s permit. Best of luck to you!