Is Ritalin good for you? New study says, Yes.

A new study released by Massachusettes General Hospital shows that girls taking stimulants to treat their ADHD are signficantly less at risk to start smoking, drinking alcohol or using drugs than girls with ADHD who don’t.

This study is one more in a series that show ADHD stimulants are not only effective at treating the symptoms of ADHD, but they have powerful, positive health benefits.

For more read: (Reuters) or (US News and World Report)

This study was funded by the National Institutes of Health and by the Lilly Foundation.  When you see a drug company listed as a funder of a study like this are you skeptical that it’s totally true?  We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.   Please leave a comment!

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5 Responses

  1. T Bradley

    This takes a lot of nerve to post such a lie about this drug called Ritalin!
    Ritalin is not good for you at any age. It is a drug that the department of education likes to push to keep a large percent of the children in line. Ritalin has caused the Death of many children and adults. What a joke that you would post this “study” up like this ADHD is something that is only diagnosed by observation and has no real scientific chemical method to prove its presence.

  2. Sarah Wright

    It is important to be cautious about any drug we put in our bodies as there isn’t a single drug in our pharmacopeia that doesn’t have some side effect. Even Aspirin and Tylenol, considered so very safe and used by millions for decades, can, when taken inappropriately, cause significant health problems, even death.

    It is really sad that Ritalin is such a controversial drug. The truth is that Ritalin (a brand name for a drug called methylphenidate) has been used for decades by doctors to treat ADHD. It is one of the most studied drugs available. There is an abundance of really good science that demonstrates it does help with the symptoms of ADHD and that it is in fact very safe. But it is not a perfect drug. There is no such thing. Like any drug, you need to talk with your doctor about the benefits and possible side effects and decide for yourself (or for your child) if you want to try it.

    And, although I am in no way endorsing medication, it is important to consider that untreated ADHD has its own set of consequences. It may be perfectly natural to have ADHD, it is after all a commonly occurring condition, but it is not a benign condition. Research lets us know that statistically people with ADHD are at greater risk for a whole host of problems including significant anxiety and depression, doing poorly in school, having more frequent and more serious accidents, marital problems, job problems, etc.

    Whether someone chooses to try medication or not is a personal decision. The one thing I hope people don’t do is make the decision based on rumor and bad science.

  3. Steve Dunkleberger

    Another Good blog post, I will bookmark this post in my Newsvine account. Have a awesome day.

  4. Mellow

    My quality of life has been enhanced for the first time having finally been prescribed methylphenidate ( ritalin ) Since being diagnosed as hyperkinetic at 6yrs old. I have been prescribed many ‘stimulants’ by well meaning GP’s who had next to no data to which they could refer to, in order to treat the adhd which was impossible to deny I suffer from. Finally, I was referred to Prof David Nutte . I’m now prescribed slow release ritalin and dexamphetamine . My life has now improved immeasurably . In my opinion, to not treat young people and adults who have been diagnosed with ADHD , is a sad indictment of an ignorant society, ignoring a problem , causing and encouraging problems which have implications that affect society as a whole , including drug addiction , alcoholism and recidivism , creating the so called criminals ‘revolving door ‘ , with young , talented and misunderstood men and women spending their lives in and out of prison and other institutions . surely society would be saved a great deal of money if the problem was treated instead of just clearing up the unnecessary and the distressing symptoms . I feel, I’m proof that medicating ADHD is beneficial on many levels . At 45 years of age , for the first time able to complete tasks , to feel satisfied and positive that my life has direction and meaning .

    • Peggy--edge blogger

      Thank you for sharing your experience with our readers. There is a lot of prejudice and misunderstanding about ADHD out there and sharing real experiences is an important way for supporting others struggling with the same issue and helping others understand ADHD and medication.

      I hope you will stop by again. We greatly appreciate your comments!