ADHD Coaching Study Underway

The first significant study to look at the efficacy of coaching in any ADHD population. 

Edge Foundation has begun the second phase of a 27-month study of the nation’s first sizable study to document the effectiveness of coaching for college students with ADHD.

Study highlights:

  • A 9 month pilot study underway at Washington University in St. Louis will conclude in August 2009. 
  • The controlled field test of 250 students with ADHD at five universities across the country will conclude in June 2010, with the results completed two months later.
  • Research outcomes will examine the impact of coaching on college-retention rates; the number of withdrawals from class; grade-point average; student discipline problems; social adjustment and behavior outside class; and adjustment  to college life. 
  • Research team is led by a faculty team from Wayne State University, Michigan. 
  • Funding for the ground breaking research comes from a $805,000 grant awarded by Deerbrook Charitable Trust and a $40,000 grant from The Foundation of Coaching , both located in New York.

Follow this link for more information about the study.

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