What are people saying about ADHD coaching?

Just a few years ago, ADHD coaching was relatively new. Most people hadn’t heard about it. Slowly people are getting the news that ADHD coaching is a proven method of lessening your ADHD symptoms — without medication. But don’t just take our word for it!

Get inspired!  Watch this quick testimonial video to learn how coaching has helped real people change their lives.

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  1. Dr. Olivia

    ADHD can wreak havoc on adult’s lives, from missed appointment, incomplete paperwork, and poor organization skills, as discussed in this article: http://www.psy-ed.com/wpblog/mental-disorders/add-and-adhd/. It is good to see alternative approaches in the treatment of this problem, such as coaching. In many ways, a coach and a psychologist are working toward the same goal – to help the client learn to develop new habits, behaviors, thinking patterns and ways of interacting with the world that bring about the positive change that is needed. Whether a person with ADHD sees a coach or psychologist, effort needs to be put in, in order to see results. Making a change isn’t easy, but worth it for those with ADHD.