Avoid the “ADHD Oops!” Coaching by phone

It happens more than you’d like.  It’s 10 a.m. and suddenly you realize, “Oops!  I forgot my 10 a.m. appointment!”  Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.  That’s one of the reasons why coaching is done by phone.  It’s hard to be late when getting to the appointment is as simple as picking up the phone.  And if you do forget your appointment, the coach can call you without missing a beat.

Eight other reasons for phoning your coach:

  1. It makes your coach much more accessible to you – and a lot easier to be on time.
  2. Driving takes time that a phone call doesn’t.
  3. A 30-minute appointment takes exactly 30 minutes.
  4. It’s easier to fit a phone call into a busy schedule.
  5. When you call from your desk or bedroom, you have everything you need right in front of you.
  6. You don’t have to get organized to go to the meeting.  That’s what the coach helps you do.
  7. There are just not that many ADHD coaches nationwide who have been trained in the special concerns of young people with ADHD.  The phone gives you access to some of the best in the nation.
  8. Students tend to be highly mobile.  Phoning your coach allows you to access your coach where ever you go.

You can also meet with your ADHD coach on Skype!

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