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Last month Michael Phelps proved that people with ADHD can keep their edge and be wildly successful. To celebrate ADHD awareness month, we’d like to ask you “What do you do to keep your edge?” After you take the poll, leave a comment to enter to win this month’s contest. (see details after the poll.) We’ll share the poll results and what we learned from your comments in an upcoming blog. Thanks, in advance, for participating!


Leave a comment and win
A copy of Nancy Ratey’s new book, The Disorganized Mind, will be given away to one lucky reader this month.

It’s easy:
To enter to win, all you need to do is leave a comment on any of the Edge blogs during the month of September. Each comment will be treated as one entry. One comment per blog page.

About the book:
The Disorganized Mind provides expert guidance on what you can do to overcome the challenges of ADHD and make the most of your life. Nancy A. Ratey, EdM., MCC is a strategic life coach specializing in coaching professionals with ADHD and an internationally recognized expert on the subject of ADHD coaching. Her work has been featured in The NY Times, Newsday, Wired, and Vogue, and has appeared on ABC, CBS and NPR.

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10 Responses

  1. Michelle
    | Reply

    So far we have not found a winning solution.
    We are trying hard before we hit rock bottom.

  2. Lenda
    | Reply

    I make lists so that i can keep myself organized. Sometime Ihave so many though I find myself organizing my lists. I have to make lists and mark off things as I go for what I need to accomplish in the day. I am trying to get my 16 year old that suffers from ADHD very severely to use lists, but so far I am the one making him lists. I think there is something wrong here. Think I could really use this book.

  3. Nicole
    | Reply

    We are still going through a daily struggle to find a way to find peace for Torie.

  4. Rock and Roll Mama
    | Reply

    I’m lucky in that I’ve been able to structure a life where I can embrace my ADHD. I’m self employed, use timers at home as well as lists to manage what I need to, and keep a mean electronic calendar. I suspect we all have a disorganized mind to some extent.:)

  5. Lissa
    | Reply

    I absolutely am horrible at remembering where I put my planner, remembering to write stuff in it, and to look in it! I write a TON of stuff on my hand so it is there when I look down, but other than that, I force myself to focus, but if I forget to take my meds, then I spend more time forcing myself to get on track than anything else. I know, it’s bad! I also rely on my wonderful friends who also help to nudge me back into focus. It’s only fair- I do the same for them. Now I am at college, none of those friends, and I am struggling a bit, but I am getting through. I don’t think I have forgotten anything yet!

  6. caitlyn
    | Reply

    i just wish my parents would give me just one day to try to go without medicine.
    my dream is t become a swimmer just like him…
    p.s my 1# dream is to meet Michael Phelps and to tell him how great i think he is!

  7. z
    | Reply


  8. Tom
    | Reply

    I find making lists really helps me. I am trying to go through the tasks one by one in order to get done what I need to do at work to be a successfull employee. It seems to bewirking out. I have also purchased a planner which I am trying to put down my lists at the same time every day. In addition I have purchased quarterback wristbands just like the ones the pros use. This goes on my right wrist and I can look at them anytime I need to remember anything important during the day!

  9. jen jurik
    | Reply

    I like to have an accountability partner online that is working while I am working — we call it skype write-chat. Works great for writing projects.

  10. sandrar
    | Reply

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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