Podcast: ADHD and legal advocacy

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This week our Executive Director spoke with Tara McGillicuddy about ADHD and legal advocacy issues.

In addition to being our Executive Director, Rob is also a practicing special education attorney.  We encourage you to listen to the interview (just click the button above). We’ve included a few highlights below.

Rob spoke briefly about our new ADHD scholarship that includes ADHD coaching. Remember the application deadline for the 2011/2012 school year is July 7.


  • Consider disclosing your ADHD to your school (instead of keeping private) because you can better advocate for yourself when you are open.
  • A well-done professional education evaluation can be blueprint for identifying what you need for support and becomes an important tool in helping you advocate for yourself.
  • When you turn 18, the school is no longer obligated to identify people with ADHD.  The student must ask for the accommodations.
  • Parents should be teaching their children all along the way to advocate for themselves, not waiting until the child leaves home.
  • College has less structure and feedback is less frequent, so students who are unfamiliar with advocating for themselves may be failing before they start asking for help.
  • A coach can help you identify your strengths and and weaknesses, articulate what your needs are with your teacher and advocate for yourself.
  • An ADHD diagnosis does not immediately entitle you to protection.  You need to demonstrate you need accomodations.
  • Tips for asking for accommodations without putting yourself in a negative light.


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