An ADHD Summer Bucket List

No one wants to hear that summer is half over, but it is. Really.  Do you have half of your summer dreams accomplished?  Are you well on your way to accomplishing half of your summer goals? No?

It’s time to put together your “summer bucket list.”  Think of it as a mini bucket list of everything you want to do this summer.  Usually we think of a bucket list of everything we want to do before we die.  But why not break that down for just what you want to do the rest of the summer.

To make it more likely you’ll accomplish your summer bucket list, try these tips to get organized:

  1. Brainstorm your list of what you want, and need, to do this summer.
  2. Break your list into sections:  fun, work, school prep, parents, friends, movies, (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2!), exercise, housework (ugh!), more fun.
  3. Think about your time.  How many weeks and days do you have left before school?  What things can you put off?  What do you need to get started on now so you have enough time to plan?
  4. Put things on your calendar.  Yes, no one likes to think about a calendar in the summer.  But the days can easily slip by if you don’t plan for what you need to do – even fun!
  5. Get off your butt!  Turn off the computer/DS/smart phone/ipad and get out there and start.
  6. Check in.  Make a promise to yourself to check in with your list every Sunday night.  Make sure you know what you want to do in the week ahead, and go for it!

Summer is short and fleeting. So get moving!  Let us know how you plan to use your bucket list to make the most of it!


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