Change how you see yourself

Every week we post stories, information and tips about living with ADHD.  Most of them also talk about how an ADHD coach can help you acheive your full potential.  We thought this week that perhaps hearing from two students who have benefitted from having an ADHD coach might give you a different perspective on how an ADHD coach can really work.

The first student talks about how a coach helped him set an keep his goals.

audio interview 1

The second student shares how a coach helped her change the whole way she viewed herself.  She went from feeling like she was always a day late and a dollar short to a view of herself as a successful, competent person.

audio interview 2

We hope that after you hear these stories, you’ll feel inspired to sign up to talk to an Edge coach.  There’s no obligation.  But why not take the first step to finding out more today?  All you have to lose is your old self image.

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