Movement helps ADHD

Soon after he was diagnosed with ADHD, Edge Foundation’s Robert Tudisco discovered running was one of the keys to managing his ADHD. The diagnosis helped explain why he struggled in areas that others didn’t.  After his diagnosis, Rob looked back and noticed there was a direct correlation in his academic performance and his fitness level.

Marathon training helps counteract procrastination

Rob always had problems with procrastination. He discovered that training for a marathon helps him hone skills that counteract his procrastination tendencies. After all, you can’t cram training for a marathon into the last week!

Running helps Rob clear his mind, plan his time, and manage his projects.  Running has also boosted his self confidence because it provides him with control over something that’s positive in his life.  Many people with ADHD have low self-esteem because they frequently make errors that seem avoidable.  Running is an outlet that gives Rob focus and center.  He encourages people to find something inside themselves that provides that positive feeling – and pursue it.  Crossing the finish line is incredibly empowering!

Research shows exercise helps ADHD symptoms

Rob’s experience with exercise in helping to manage his ADHD symptoms has been backed up by solid research.  Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, by John J. Ratey, is an accessible book that documents the importance of exercise on brain functioning.

You don’t need to run a marathon to benefit from exercise.  Rob encourages people to find an activity that they are comfortable doing – and keep it up.  Walking, biking, swimming, even yoga, have all been shown to improve focus and concentration.

“I discovered I have to move in order to think,” says Rob. “Running has become my moving meditation. Finding your stride is the place you feel most at home. You don’t have to feel pain in order to benefit. The key is doing a sustainable activity.  Go out there and move! ”

TeamEdge athletes support ADHD coaching

Rob believes so strongly in the power of exercise as an ADHD management method, he founded Team Edge and is running the New York City Marathon later this week to raise awareness and funding for ADHD coaching.

Please join Rob in making coaching –and school success– possible for other students with ADHD. As of this writing, Rob is half way to his goal. Any amount you contribute to TeamEdge will be an enormous help.  Not only will you be joining with others to make coaching possible for an ADHD student in need, but you will be sending that student a powerful message that we believe that ADHD is not a barrier to success.

Rob invites other athletes to dedicate their event participation to raise funds for and awareness of ADHD. It’s easy to get distracted by everything in life – especially when you have ADHD.  So please, follow this link now to Team Edge  and get set a training goal or give as generously as you are able. Thank you.

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2 Responses

  1. Jeffs ADD Mind

    I’ve done some of my best writing/typing while speed walking around the high school track equipped with my blackberry (and, of course, sneakers, shorts, shirt, etc.). And you are 400% correct to point out that any activity – running, walking, bicycling, etc. – helps improve concentration.

    • Peggy -- Edge blogger

      Great idea, Jeff! Just be sure to walk somewhere level while you are typing. 🙂