7 ways to celebrate ADHD Awareness Week

Much of the ADHD community is preparing for ADHD Awareness Week events (beginning next week on October 16, 2011) that will occur next week and the Edge Foundation is no exception.  We are excited to be a part of several collaborative efforts and want to alert our community to these opportunities and invite you to join us.

Sunday:  Get connected

Join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter and be ready to share the news with your family and friends.

Monday:  7 Facts of ADHD

On Monday we will be posting the 7 Facts of ADHD on our blog.  These facts are the core of this year’s ADHD Awareness Campaign.  We urge you to read and share our post with your friends, families, teachers and colleagues.  These facts are well thought out and supported by solid, scientific research. Together we can start to break down some of the misinformation about ADHD.  To give you a preview, the 7 Facts are:

  1. ADHD is Real
  2. ADHD is a Common, Non-Discriminatory Disorder
  3. Diagnosing ADHD is a Complex Process
  4. Other Mental Health Conditions Frequently Co-Occur With ADHD
  5. ADHD is Not Benign
  6. ADHD is Nobody’s Fault
  7. ADHD Treatment is Multi-Faceted

Tuesday:  ADHD doesn’t have to always be serious

Feel a little overwhelmed by all the serious discussion on the facts of ADHD?  Why not step to the lighter side for a moment and vote for your favorite ADHD T-shirt Slogan!

Wednesday:  Read a good book (or at least order one!)

365 ways to succeed with ADHD, you will learn from 81 ADHD experts – including our very own Robert Tudisco — what you need to succeed with ADHD…all in bite-sized ADD-friendly format. There is a full year of tips and strategies to succeed with ADHD, written with parents, children, adults and college students in mind.  Order using this link on Amazon, and a portion of all of your purchases that day will be donated to the Edge Foundation!

Thursday:  Take a virtual tour of the ADHD Awareness Expo

Robert Tudisco and the Edge Foundation will be one of the featured exhibitors in this free on-line resource fair.  Rob will join the event by video to share some of the Edge Foundation’s best tips and strategies of how to live successfully with ADD / ADHD.  The Virtual Expo is brought to you by Tara McGill cuddy and Rory Stern.

Friday:  Learn more about the Shire ADHD Coaching Scholarship

In 2011 Shire launched a unique project – The ADHD Scholarship Program – offering scholarships to individuals diagnosed with ADHD to go on to secondary education programs. In this episode, host Jeff Copper interviews Michael Skoien, vice president of patient and customer excellence for Shire Pharmaceuticals, and Robert Tudisco, executive director of the Edge Foundation, about this unique program. The show airs live, Friday, October 21, 2011, at 8 pm ET.  But will also be available in recorded format for your later listening pleasure on Attention Radio.

The show airs live, Friday, October 21, 2011, at 8 pm ET.  But will also be available in recorded format for your later listening pleasure on Attention Radio.

Saturday:  Run with Rob

In case you haven’t heard, Edge Executive Director, Robert Tudisco, is running the New York City Marathon this year on behalf of the Edge Foundation.  Saturday is a great day to get some exercise!  But if you want to run with Rob without leaving your chair, you can click on over to Team Edge and make a donation!


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