Career & Life Planning Services Specialty Training Program: A Rewarding Investment for Any Coach

Have you ever been introduced to something new, and suddenly you find endless examples and opportunities to use that knowledge around you? That’s how I felt after taking the Career & Life Planning Services Specialty Training Program (CSST) taught by Wilma Fellman and Victoria Roche.

As a certified life coach with a specialty in working with teens and adults with ADHD, I have had the opportunity to empower my clients to identify and accomplish their goals. When it came to addressing their career goals, it meant referring them to a career coach and losing the ability to offer my clients support during a very important time in their lives. Taking the CSST course now enables me to offer continued coaching throughout their career exploration process, drastically enhancing the impact of our work.

I have taken many, many courses throughout the years and the CSST course truly stands out as one of the most valuable I have enrolled in for the following reasons:

1. Clear Presentation of Course Material: The course information is presented very clearly. Each week, a different component impacting a successful job search is presented. Course readings supplement the class presentations and discussions. As participants, we are encouraged to complete the exercises provided. Not only do they allow us to become familiar with assessments we will be administering with our clients, they offer personal insights into our own values, skills, and coaching styles.
2. High Quality Content: The course content is very user friendly, and easily and immediately transferable to my coaching “toolbox”. We are provided with a template to follow and step-by-step lessons so, essentially, we are all set up and prepared to work with a client. Everything from recommendations and links to various assessments, to interviewing tips is part of the course instruction. While we are given the names of suggested assessments (some accessed for a nominal fee), we also are provided with free questionnaires and assessments so clients on a more limited budget still may go through the career exploration process.
3. Individualized Support: The support that Wilma and Victoria offer has been incredible. Aside from welcoming and addressing our questions, they hold a one-on-one session to address any of our additional concerns. A private CSST Facebook page has been set up so we can continue to share articles, questions and thoughts about enhancing our skills and services for our clients. Wilma and Victoria offer ongoing support, as well. Since completing the course, I have reached out and emailed them and their responses are always prompt and informative. It’s reassuring to know that as I have taken the first steps toward establishing myself as a career services specialist, they are there for me if I have questions.
4. Professional & Personal Growth: The CSST course provides numerous professional and personal benefits. Clients are able to discover so much about themselves, including their values, skills, work patterns, aptitudes and interests. Also, they receive the added support and strategies that are so helpful for clients with ADHD. Informational networking strategies to avoid jumping into a job too quickly, practice interviewing, and writing resumes and cover letters are all areas we address in the CSST course. Taking the course has added another dimension to my coaching practice. I have a particular interest in working with clients in transition. I conduct transition to high school and transition to college workshops. Now, thanks to the CSST course, I am conducting a workshop for young adults looking for a job or desiring to make a career change. The course affords 13 CCEU credits approved by the ICF toward my certification renewal. I am proud to be considered a Career Services Specialist!

In addition, there are personal benefits to taking the CSST course. I get to witness the client’s career exploration journey and job successes. How exciting is that! Taking this course has expanded my skills, allowed me to maintain additional and ongoing contact with my clients, and has resulted in ongoing added revenue, as well.

I truly mean it when I say that enrolling in the CSST course offered by Wilma and Victoria is one of the best investments I have made. If you have any questions about the course, please don’t hesitate to email me at

Marla Stone, MA, CMC, PCC, CSS, is an Edge Coach, and is a Professional Certified Coach, and Career Services Specialist. She has a particular interest in working with teens and adults with ADHD and Executive Function Challenges.

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