Can coaching help people who don’t have ADHD?

Dear Edge Coach,

I don’t have ADHD, but I could really use some help getting on top of my school deadlines.  Could I sign up for an Edge coach even though I don’t have ADHD?

Signed, Robin M.

Dear Robin,


People all over the world recognize the benefits of life coaching in their pursuit of career and life goals. Many CEOs and top business executives use coaches to help them manage successfully and effectively when the stakes are very high.

If a coaching gives CEOs their edge for success, then the same strategies can be employed to help students successfully manage their lives and reach their full potential too.

Coaching offers strategies to help with seven areas that can hold a student back from success:

  1. scheduling,
  2. goal setting,
  3. confidence building,
  4. organizing,
  5. focusing,
  6. prioritizing, and
  7. persisting at tasks.

Although we talk a lot about ADD and ADHD at the Edge Foundation, we don’t care much about labels and diagnoses. If these are the things you struggle with, an Edge Coach can make a big difference in your life.

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