Tony B. discover’s his potential with an ADHD Coach

Editor’s note:  We just got this testimonial from Edge Coach Jason about his work with Tony.  We like how it not only shares a story of one student’s success, but it also illustrates how a coach helps you make your own discoveries – “While I would love to say that it was coaching that made the difference… Tony has done the work.”

An introduction by Coach Jason:

“Tony is a student at Simon Fraser University in BC. Prior to coaching, he had been in college, trying his best to make up his grades to re-attend a science program at University.  Since we have been working together, Tony has made great strides, back at University with his marks steadily improving. Most of all, his academic confidence is at an all time high.

“While I would love to say that it was coaching that made the difference, I take nothing away from Tony, as he has done the work, put in a solid effort and has been willing to work closely with me through our coaching together.

“While only a year ago, he was apprehensive about going back to University, his goal is now to achieve a Nobel Prize in his field of expertise!”

In Tony’s words:

“With Jason’s help, I am now able to better manage my ADD. We have worked together to develop new strategies, techniques and methods that all cater to my strengths. The results of this have led to significant improvements in my academic performance.

“Jason’s success as a coach comes from both his experience and his style. The style in which he coaches has led me to come up with my own discoveries. The discoveries that I have made are my own, and because of that, it has a much greater effect on my life.

“Although my decision to take up coaching started off as a means to improve my academic performance, it has since evolved to something much greater. Our conversations, often rooted in the analysis of the social norm, has led me to reach a level of awareness and understanding that I would have failed to achieve otherwise. It is only from this that I have begun to start becoming the person I want to be.”

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