15 reasons to take a second look at an ADHD coach

Looking for quick low down of why an ADHD coach is for you? Here are 15 reasons to get a coach!

  1. ADHD coaching works the same way as an athletic coach, only the game is life.
  2. Your coach won’t make you work on things you don’t care about.
  3. You set the agenda for your coach – not your parents (or partner or anyone else).
  4. Your coach isn’t a punishment.
  5. Your coach isn’t there to “fix” you.
  6. You set the agenda.
  7. You decide what’s important.
  8. Your coach supports you and helps you stay on track.
  9. Your coach understands the unique challenges of ADHD and may even have it him or herself.
  10. Your coach doesn’t focus on your ADHD – unless you want them to.
  11. You don’t even have to have ADHD to use a coach.
  12. Your coach can help you figure out how to be more organized in a way that works for you.
  13. Coaching reduces stress — helping you find ways to stop being late, stop losing things, manage your money, and get assignments done on time.
  14. Your coach will also help you apply these new skills to achieving the things you want most in life.
  15. You get to talk to your coach for 30 minutes (free) before you commit to working with her.

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